After Ezeikel was eliminated first on total drama island, something changed inside him. At plaza day losers, he sulked in the pool. After more and more people were eliminated, there was a feast of all you can eat candy. Then Chris announced via hologram, that two competitors would get a second chance. The challenge was a race across Plaza day Losers. Ezeikel was in first place at first but Cody, who completely pigged out at the all you can eat candy feast, threw up on the race track and Ezeikel tripped on it and landed in the pool. By the time he got up, Eva and Izzy had won and got to return on the Island.

Durring the special, Eziekel tried his best, but failed to get the million dollars, or make it to TDA. Over the course of TDA, he slowly went mad, becoming more and more despratee for money. Fortunately for him, he made it to TDWT.

But at total drama world tour, he was eliminated first once again, then he came back and was eliminated AGAIN. After that he stowed away on the plane, slowly losing his mind. He attempted to steal the million, but Chef found him and through him out the plane. Eziekel could not grab on and landed in the jungle. He was found and raised by monkeys until he sees a plane going to London, TDWT's next location. He disguised as Jack The Ripper, but was foiled by Owen and Noah. He returned in Africa and he was at his worst form, any trace of humanity was gone, In a plot to eliminate Duncan, Alejandro and Heather knocked both Duncan and Zeke. Zeke manages to get on the plane once again. Zeke has to run out after the destruction of the plane. Chris then tricks Zeke by telling him that the million dollars was in a crate, but once Zeke got in he relizedd that the case was empty, and before he Could do anything, it was closed on him and he was sent to the Zoo.

Alejandro released him, and he stowed away on a speed boat to the islands. Once there, he attempts to get the million one last time, resulting with him falling in the volcano like Gollum before him, which lead to his death. Rip Eziekel 2000-2015, you will be missed.

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