Team Wondering Rabbits

Ezekiel is an original TDI contestant labeled "the Homeschooler". He also makes a short appearence in Total Drama Season of Stars as a part of a team named the Wondering Rabbits.

Total Drama Season of Stars

In Like Old Days he first appears in the big ship where he rests. When Chris says that the ship is going to explode he runs along with the other 49 contestants to the life - boats where he slips and falls before hopping on one. For his fortune Zoey "saved" him by stoping Jo to start the engine without him on board. When he and the other contestants on his boat arrive to the docks they realize that this was a challenge and they have losed. At the elimination ceremony he was eliminated instead of Beardo.

Opening Sequence

He is seen in his wild form running and passing by Noah and Dawn.

Promo Clip After Elimination

Ezekiel arrives to the playa infront of the big neon sign that says "Welcome to Playa de los Losers" at the dock:

Ezekiel: Eh, Playa de los losers... AGAIN!

While he says that a hobo steals his money.


  • He is the first eliminated from TDSOS
  • He is the first TDI contestant eliminated on TDSOS
  • He is the first boy to be eliminated on TDSOS

Gallery TDSOS


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