Gender Female
Eliminated Dialed In
Place 4th
Teammate Kermit
Relationship Rainer
Friends Kermit, Rainer, Kenyatta, Sylvia, Clay, Cealey, Charlote, Jorge, Phineas
Enemies Kasandra, Candice
Hometown Seattle, Washington
Original Pyramid Piece Trust
Evelyn Schoenbeck was a character that competited in Endurance. She was labeled The Smart Bookworm. Evelyn received 4th Place.


Evelyn loved reading as a child. She could read since the age of two. In kindergarten, Evelyn got to playing reading games on the computer instead of reading Dr. Seuss because she was so advanced. In sixth grade, Evelyn read at an eleventh grade level. Along with her strong reading skills, Evelyn is also great at spelling. In eighth grade, Evelyn was elligible for the Scripps Spelling Bee. She made it to the quarterfinals, but lost. Evelyn didn't give up though. She tried again in ninth grade, and lost in the qualifiers. In tenth grade, Evelyn focused more on writing, and spent her entire year trying to write a book. Evelyn really wants to submit her book to a publisher, but doesn't have the money yet. With all her smarts, a lot of responsibility is on Evelyn. Somehow though, she manages everything. She auditioned for Endurance because it sounded like a unique experience she could tell at her next family reunion, and she looking for fun.

Chapter Guide

In This Is Endurance, Evelyn was found on the ship talking about herself, like how she's from Seattle, and she's very smart. A red football, thrown by Rainer hit her in the face on accident which cut her 15 seconds of fame short. Evelyn picked a bunk closest to the door and Sylvia took the bunk underneath her. When Candice was showing the list of team ideas she made, Evelyn was not happy that she would be placed with Kermit, so she, Charlote, and Cealey made up a fake list to show to the boys, which they fell for. When their secret was out, Evelyn was placed with Kermit as Team Europe, which she was not happy about. Later, when Sylvia and Clay told the orange team about Kasandra's plan, the brown, purple, orange, and green teams formed an alliance. Evelyn and Kermit picked the Trust piece and the trip to The Galapogos Islands. She was confused about what a Samadhi was, when JD mentioned it. She was there to watch the blue and red teams tie their streamers together of the totem poles. Clay knocked it down with a rock.

Temple History

# Chapter Other Team Status
7 Eruption Africa Safe
9 Dialed In South America Out


  • Her pic is drawn by Sprink.
  • Evelyn's full name is Evelyn Schoenbeck. This comes from my albegra teacher's last name in the 8th grade.
  • She has been sent to temple twice, and was eliminated the second time.
  • She received no Samadhis.
  • The name Evelyn comes from Evelyn Kwong on Ned's Declassified.

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