Team Smart Foxes

Eva is an original TDI contestant labeled "The Female Bully". She makes a short appearence on Total Drama Season of Stars as a part of the team Smart Foxes.

Total Drama Season of Stars

In Like Old Days she makes her first appearence resting at the big ship. When Chris says that the ship is going to explode she starts running to the life - boats along with the other 49 contestants. She hops on the boat with a fox on it along with other 24 contestants. When they arrive they realize that this was a challenge and they are the winner team. In Dream Match she doesn't have lines but still watches how some of the contestants fight their dreams and gets a marshemellow first at the elimination ceremony. In Gaming, dodging and more she still has no lines but is hit by either Lightning, Anne Maria, Blaineley or Owen. In Painball Rabbits and Foxes Hunt she has no lines again but still becomes a fox for hunting. In Floating Shame o' Trivia she doesn't have lines again but watches how Shawn, Sugar, Beardo, Blaineley, Sky and DJ ruin their reputations. In The Show goes on... and on... And ON she first appears sleeping on the bunk beds outside the cabins. After that she appears at the docks starting the Foxe's boat's engine. She appears later where she starts the Foxe's bu's engine, being hit by Justin which makes the bus make two circles and gets a gilded chris award at the elimination ceremony. In Building Time she first appears asking LeShawna could she build too. After Leshawna refuses, Eva goes to Heather who lies to her to fix a hole in the trailer. While trying to fix the hole Eva ruins the trailer which ends with her elimination.

Opening Sequence

She is seen lifting logs along with Jo next to Brick.

Promo Clip After Elimination

Eva: They just elimiNatED ME! Calm down, Eva! Calm down!

Eva: MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *eats a part of the limo*


  • She is the first being manipulated by Heather

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