Eva headshot (TDI-G&S)

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This character page is designed for use with Total Drama Island, by Gilbert and Sullivan


Eva is a bad-tempered tough girl, and is largely a one-joke character. Making allowances for the animation style, Eva is probably supposed to be reasonably good-looking (the unibrow notwithstanding), but her perpetual scowl tends to obscure this. Although highly athletic, Eva’s volcanic temper and her inclination to assume the worst about others made her an early casualty.

One of two contestants to return at the midpoint, Eva’s return engagement was brief because, in the interim, she had become bitter and vindictive, which is much worse than being merely bad-tempered. At her second elimination, Eva became the second of three contestants who had to be removed by force.

Eva's Theme

“A British Tar is a Soaring Soul” from H.M.S. Pinafore (also works for Duncan)

(click link below for the MIDI file)

Startrek British Tar01:45

Startrek British Tar

Eva's theme (24th Century version)

A British tar is a soaring soul,
As free as a mountain bird,
His energetic fist should be ready to resist
A dictatorial word.
His nose should pant and his lip should curl
His cheeks should flame and his brow should furl,
His bosom should heave and his heart should glow,
And his fist be ever ready for a knockdown blow.

His eyes should flash with an inborn fire,
His brow with scorn be wrung;
He never should bow down to a domineering frown,
Or the tang of a tyrant tongue.
His foot should stamp and his throat should growl,
His hair should twirl and his face should scowl,
His eyes should flash and his breast protrude,
And this should be his customary attitude— [belligerent pose]

Other Character verses

The verses in this section fit Eva for her character or background, but do not refer to any specific incident in the TDI episodes:

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