Eva (TD...S)
Screaming Leeches
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Hazel
Episode Eliminated "TDI...S: Dodgeball Disaster"
Place TDI...S: 19th
Friends Beth, Cody
Enemies Ezekiel, Heather, Noah

Eva, labeled The Athletic Bully, was the eleventh contestant introduced on Total Drama Island... Sorta. She was placed on the Screaming Leeches. She didn't participate on Total Drama Action... Sorta, but was a commentator on the Aftermath show.


Eva is a fierce bodybuilder with obvious anger issues that she keeps refusing to believe. Her refusal means that she keeps pushing those away who dare come close to her. She uses various methods to keep her anger in check, such as listening to music and working out in the gym. However, if one of these things are taken with her, her rage is unleashed. In the her last episode on the first season, her competitively was revealed, and how angry she gets when she is losing, causing crazy tantrums. Her tantrums ultimately ended up ruining her game.

Total Drama Island... Sorta

Total Drama Action... Sorta


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