Eunice is labeled The Compulsive Liar in Total Drama Teens 2.0

Raging Rebels
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Episode Eliminated "Out of All Things We Have to Chase After, it's a Shark."
Place 19th
Friends Clover
Enemies Garth, King


Eunice seems to be one of the nicest people you’ve ever met the first time you meet her. Next thing you know, she's been lying to you about everything to your face. Eunice is one of those people who lie about everything even about random things that usually no one cares about, just so she can seem cool. Sometimes Eunice will even fake an accent and will say she’s from one country, even if the accent doesn't sound like the country’s accent at all. She joined the show just so she could use the money for countless, ridiculous reasons.

Total Drama Teens 2.0

Chapter #1: "Welcome, New Campers!": Eunice is introduced and she calls Chris a terrible liar. Eunice is put on the Raging Rebels team. She is asked to bunk with Clover and bonds with her whiel Rigel refers to them both as idiots. She screams when Vivica finds the spider.

Chapter #1.5: "Are You Sure This is Safe?": Eunice lies about being a professional jouster to impress her teammates. She takes the cow hat Garth had found and claims she had found it. She denies King's offer to swim in the shark-


Eunice, Clover, and Vivica join King's alliance.

infested water because he is too beautiful to sacrifice. Her team loses the challenge, but she receives a marshmallow.

Chapter #2: "Out of All Things We Have to Chase After, it’s a Shark.": Eunice joins in King’s alliance along with Clover and Vivica. When she is in a confessional she explains that she’ll betray King in the end. She annoys everyone in her challenge with her lies. Her team loses and she gets voted out. Before boarding the Boat of Losers, she tries to warn everyone about King, but gets shut out.

Chapter #19: "The Second Winner of Total Drama Teens is...": Eunice supports Tamsin in the final two challenge as she reminds her of her cousin of some sort, which is possibly some boring lie she had made up.


  • Eunice joined the first alliance in the series along with Clover, Vivica, and King.


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