Ethel Labeled As The Gardener. is currently competing in Total Drama: In Paradise.Ethel Is In Love With

Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated ""TBA""
Place "TBA"
Relationship "TBA"
Family Mother,
Friends "TBA"
Enemies "TBA"
Fear Dead Flowers.
Talent Gardening,Watching,Spying,
plants,flowers,or anything related to those.Her backyard is filled with them,on every,side,it looks as if their is no grass,she has many colors,red,blue,green,And pink,she never gets rid of them,when winter comes she takes them all inside to help them stay alive.not one flower in her yard has been droopy,or died.But if one ever died she would Mourn all day she calls them her babies.she Was chosen for Total Drama: In Paradise.

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