Ethan, labeled as The Cool Guy is a contestant in Total Drama Pandemonium.

Arching Lions
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Chapter Six: Not One Vote, Not Two Votes, But Three Votes in One Day!"
Place Seventeenth
Relationship Nikki
Friends Brandon, Tessie, Nikki
Fear Thunder
Talent Fencing

Challenge Guide

Challenge One: Ethan climbed the tree quickly. His team won.

Challenge Two: Ethan successfully made it through the woods. His team won.

Challenge Three: He was battling to get Aliza toast.

Challenge Four: He sat with Brandon, Tessie and Nikki. He flirted with Nikki, but she rejected him. They complemented each other on their clothes.

Challenge Five: He played cards with Tessie, Brandon and Nikki. He went into the window with the same three. He went on the same slide as Albert and Nikki. He sacrificed himself for Nikki's team to win. His team lost, and he received the final marshmallow the last marshmallow.

Challenge Six: The other contestants thought that they were voting to give invincibility, but they accidentally voted Ethan out.


Nikki- He was crushing on her the whole time, and admitted it at his elimination.

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