Ernie (TDHI)
The Tree Huggers
Gender Male
Hair color Orange (wig), Brown (actual)
Episode Eliminated "The Season Starts Now"
Place 13th
Relationship None
Family Unknown
Friends Ethan
Enemies Jessica
Fear Cats
Talent He can make anyone laugh.
Andrew "Ernie", labeled The Funny Clown, is a camper/contestant on Total Drama : Happy Island


First going to a circus when he was 6 months old, Ernie absolutely LOVED clowns! So today, he became one and he makes everyone laugh out loud!


He is weird, wacky and funny.

Time on Total Drama : Happy Island

In The Season Starts Now, when Ernie is introduced, he would press on his nose and laugh. Jessica greets him, but Ernie hated cats, so he did not want her to approach him. Jessica replied by saying If you hate cats, then I HATE YOU!. After Chris announced the challenge, he said the name of the challenge sounded funny, just like him and he pressed on his nose and laughed. At the challenge, it was him vs. Jessica. Jessica's team won, as he ate his own pie. Also because of that, he got eliminated. After he got eliminated, he removed his clown wig, nose and makeup and revealed his real name was Andrew and his true looks. He took The Robot Of Shame and his last words were I LOVED BEING ON THE SHOW!


  • His hair is a wig.
  • His real name is Andrew


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