Eriq, The Dancer, was competing in Total Drama Pop Stars and was on Team Sopranos and The Cute Little Bunny Rabbits.

Eriq (TDPS)
Team Sopranos

Cute Little Bunny Rabbits

Gender Male
Hair color Red
Episode Eliminated "Screw Balled Up"
Place 7th
Relationship Tia
Family Mother, Father and Sister
Friends Ulrich
Enemies Chris, Victoria and Nina
Fear Water
Talent Dancing


Eriq has been dancing at a young age and is considered one of the best dancers at his private school. Eriq also likes to hang out with his parents and his sister when they have their annual family game night. Eriq often brings friends over to hang out whether his parents are home or not. Eriq also likes to go out with friends and sing karaoke mostly songs by Usher or Chris Brown. Eriq dates every once in a while but never brings his dates home since the girls he dates aren't good enough for his parents. Eriq's sister found out about Total Drama Pop Stars when she found the application online and gave it to him to fill out.


Meet The Singers: Eriq didn't do much after he arrived other than saying he's going to rock the show. He glared at Victoria when she told everyone that she's going to be a fan favorite. He also laughed when Ulrich made fun of Victoria than got annoyed when Chris lied about the prize at the end of the season. Eriq is also seen cheering when his team won that week and was safe from elimination.

Black, Blue And Red All Over...Again: Eriq voted for Avalon for no real reason other than that she's weird and showed no remorse when Marissa left. Eriq lost the challenge to William after getting knocked out by him after his dancing distraction didn't work.

Wild It Up: After Xavier quit Eriq was placed on a team with Nina, Avalon, Tia, Ulrich and William after Chris told them they were on a team together. Eriq, along with William, glared at Nina after she picked The Cute Little Bunny Rabbits as their official team name. At the elimination ceremony Eriq was hugged by Tia after he was announced safe by Chris.

Hide 'N Stink: After Ulrich is carried off by Chris Eriq states, to his team, that they need to focus on the challenge which they all agreed to. Eriq is later seen joking around with Tia and was excited when Tia invited him to hide with her. Eriq was last seen cheering for William when he won the challenge for his team and seemed happy winning the challenge.

Fear Fabrication: Eriq is seen running out of his cabin to see what Victoria was screaming at he agreed with Tia when she saw Victoria scream. Eriq saw his greatest fear which was dancing in front of people on stage which he did. Eriq was seen shocked and happy that William gave his marshmallow to Tia since he would've been sad if she left.

Blah Blah Land: Eriq is seen doing the challenge with his team and made it far until losing off camera. He is than seen with the other losers talking about how bored they are when Victoria and Nina are still doing the challenge. He wasn't seen much afterwards since his team won the challenge and cheered when they won.

Screw Balled Up: Eriq didn't do much during the challenge and is mostly seen with Tia. He shared a kiss over dinner with his team which was Ulrich's reason for voting him and Tia off. At elimination he left the game after he was voted off after Tia.


  • Eriq is the only known contestant who can dance
  • Eriq's the only contestant who never mentions what he'll do with the prize money

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