Endure Total Drama Island is the first season in EndureKoala's series.




























Episode 1

24 Campers are taken to Camp Wawanakwa for a chance to win a million dollars.

"Welcome campers! Firstly you will be split into two teams, The falcons and The eagles." The host, Chris explains.

"Are those extinct?" -Lindsay

"Seriously?" -Heather

(CONF: I cannot stand most of these people already, Lindsay is dumb as rocks, Owen is a slob, Leshawna is to loud, and Duncan is a freaking criminal. -Heather)

(CONF: Heather must got some kind of stick up her a**. because she already has a bad attitude. -Leshawna)

"Now the falcons are...Heather, Gwen, Leshawna, Cheyenne, Lindsay, Bridgette, Alejandro, Duncan, Owen, Harold, Paulie, and Noah! The eagles are....Sierra, Courtney, Katie, Sadie, Jonna, Eva, Cody, DJ, Geoff, Tyler, Ethan and Justin!"

(CONF: I find out I'm on Eva's tribe and im ecstatic she looks like a strong payer and that's what i need. -Courtney)

(CONF: Honestly omg I am so happy like Katie and I are on the same team like and OMG did you see JUSTIN?! -Sadie Like yes OMG I DID he is so AMAZING! -Katie)

(CONF: My team looks pretty strong, except we have Owen and Harold. Not good. I am here to win, so they better not pull us down. -Alejandro)

"Alright your first challenge is in one hour, so go get settled into your cabins and then meet me at the cliff!" -Chris

-At Falcons Girls Cabin-

(CONF: I'm not a mean person, but Lindsay has got to be one of the dumbest humans alive. -Cheyenne)

"Is this like rehab?" -Lindsay

"No it's a cabin, where you sleep." -Gwen

(CONF: It was a huge mistake coming here, everyone is annoying. -Gwen)

"My name is Bridgette and you guys?" -Bridgette

"I'm Leshawna!"


"My name is Cheyenne."

"My parents told me it's Lindsay"

"Heather, nice to meet you guys."

(CONF: I need to be as fake as possible if i want to make it to the end. -Heather)

-Falcons Boys Cabin-

(CONF: So the boys on my team is me, Owen, Duncan, Paulie, Alejandro and Noah. I really want to go far and i think a guys alliance can get me just that. -Harold)

"Alright guys, I think the smartest thing is for us six to stick together." -Harold

"Like a guys alliance?" -Duncan

"Yes." -Harold

(CONF: Isn't it a bit early for alliances? -Noah)

(CONF: I don't think anyone is going to go with Harold on this one... -Paulie)

(CONF: This is AWESOME!! -Owen)

-Eagles Girls Cabin-

"Like were totally BFFFLS IRL." -Sadie

"Yea isn't that like totally amazing!" -Katie

(CONF: I want to punch both of them in the face. -Eva)

(CONF: Extremely annoying. -Courtney)

(CONF: They're pretty cool. -Sierra)

(CONF: What does I-R-L even mean? -Jonna)

-At the Challenge-

"Alright, this is the first immunity challenge! It's a trivia game. You will be hanging off this cliff by a small platform that can drop. You get one and only one chance. I will ask you a question and the first person to click their buzzer gets to answer. If your correct you get to eliminate a player from the opposing team, if wrong your eliminated. When your eliminated your platform drops and so do you. Last team standing wins! Also this is Survivor trivia goodluck." -Chris

"Now that everyone is in position question one...who is the very first winner in survivor history?" -Chris

BUZZ -Courtney

"Richard Hatch." -Courtney

"Correct! Eliminate?" -Chris

"Hmm...Noah." - Courtney

Noah Eliminated.

"Next, Who was the first FEMALE winner in survivor history?" -Chris

BUZZ -Cheyenne

"Cheyenne?" -Chris

"Tina Wesson." -Cheyenne

"Correct!" -Chris

"Courtney." -Cheyenne

Courtney Eliminated.

"Next, who has played twice and won twice?" -Chris

BUZZ -Lindsay

"Lindsay?" -Chris

"Me!" -Lindsay

"No..." -Chris

"Aww..." -Lindsay

Lindsay Eliminated.

"Same question, who has played and won twice?" -Chris

BUZZ -Heather

"Heather?" -Chris

"Sandra Diaz-Twine." -Heather

"Eliminate?" -Chris

"Sierra." -Heather

Sierra Eliminated.

"Now, who was on Pearl Islands and played four times?" -Chris

BUZZ -Sadie

"Sadie?" -Chris

"The Sandra lady!" -Sadie

Sadie Eliminated.

"Same question..." -Chris

BUZZ -Katie

"Rupert." Katie


"Cheyenne." -Katie

Cheyenne Eliminated.

"Now who won Survivor China?" -Chris

BUZZ -Heather

"Todd Herzog." -Heather


"Eva." -Heather

Eva Eliminated.

"Name someone who has played three times and never won?" -Chris

BUZZ -Harold

"Rob Mariano." -Harold


Harold Eliminated.

"Same Question..."

BUZZ- Jonna

"Amanda Kimmel." -Jonna


"Heather." -Jonna

Heather Eliminated.

"Now who is the latest winner?" -Chris

BUZZ -Geoff

"Michele Fitzgerald." -Geoff.


"I choose...Alejandro." -Geoff

Alejandro Eliminated.

"Who won by a vote of ten to zero to zero?" -Chris

BUZZ -Bridgette

"Earl Cole."


Bridgette Eliminated.

"Same Question..." -Chris


"Um, Jeremy?" -DJ


"Okay, Paulie." -DJ

Paulie Eliminated.

"What were the final three in Caramoan?" -Chris

BUZZ -Katie

"Cochran, Dawn and Sherri." -Katie


"Gwen." -Katie

Gwen Eliminated.

"Who beat Woo in Cagayan Finale?" -Chris

BUZZ -Duncan

"Tony." -Duncan


"Katie." -Duncan

Katie Eliminated.

"Who was the first voted out twice?" -Chris

BUZZ -Leshawna

"Francesca." -Leshawna


"DJ." -Leshawna

DJ Eliminated.

"Name a season with an all-girl final three?" -Chris

BUZZ -Cody

"One World." -Cody


"Leshawna." -Cody

Leshawna Eliminated.

Name a season with an African American winner and who was it?" -Chris

BUZZ -Duncan

"Marqueses, Vecepia." -Duncan


"Cody." -Duncan

Cody Eliminated.

"What season did Courtney Yates win?" -Chris

BUZZ -Tyler

"Heroes vs Villains."


Tyler Eliminated.

"Same Question." -Chris

BUZZ -Duncan

"None." -Duncan


"Jonna." -Duncan.

Jonna Eliminated.

"Who was the last member left on their tribe that was wiped out in Guatemala?" -Chris

BUZZ -Ethan

"Stephenie LaGrossa." -Ethan


"Duncan." Ethan

Duncan Eliminated.

"What year did Survivor debut?" -Chris

BUZZ -Owen

"Um.........................................2015?" -Owen


Owen Eliminated.


-Falcons discussion-

(CONF: We lost today, but i cannot believe Owen missed the easiest question ever! 2000 it was 2000! -Heather)

(CONF: I feel really bad...i feel like it might be my fault we lost today, but luckily i have an alliance, so I'm okay. -Owen)

"Alright, now that we are alone I think we need to boot Owen." -Leshawna

(CONF: Leshawna pulls me aside and says we need to vote Owen and the girls are all in. I'm super glad she comes to me, because I don't want to be on the outs. -Paulie)

(CONF: It starts the get thrown around that Owen is the vote, so Harold's all guys alliance idea is practically dead. -Duncan)

(CONF: I pull my alliance to the side to talk about who were voting tonight. -Harold)

"I think we should vote for Cheyenne. She is a huge threat." -Harold"

"That's true." -Noah

(CONF: There is no way i'm voting one of our strongest players off on the first vote, its stupid. I just say i agree and move on.)

-At Elimination-

"Welcome Falcons, you lost the challenge and your votes have been tallied. When i call your name come up and grab a marshmallow because you are safe.






















The final Marshmallow goes to.....















Owen your OUT, Please leave.

Place Name Eliminated Reasoning
1st/2nd Noah Winner Won/Lost Finale
2nd/1st Katie Runner-up Lost/Won Finale
3rd Lindsay 19th Eliminated She lost the challenge.
4th Leshawna 18th Voted Off She was voted off by Katie and Noah, Lindsay voted Katie while she voted Noah ending it in a 2-1-1 cote.
5th Gwen 17th Eliminated Lost instant elimination challenge
6th Courtney 16th Voted Out Courtney got into a fight with Noah, because he won immunity and everyone voted her off instead.
7th Jonna 15th Eliminated Lost instant elimination challenge.
8th Cody 14th Voted Out Noah and Cody were ganged up on being the last boys and Cody was booted.
9th Heather 13th Voted Out Katie/Jonna teamed up to help get Heather voted off.
10th Eva 12th Voted Off Eva scared Katie, so Katie tricked Heather into getting rid of her.
11th DJ 11th Voted Out After Jonna won immunity DJ was voted off for being weak.
12th Ethan 10th Voted Out Same as Cheyenne
13th Cheyenne 9th Voted Out Cheyenne was voted out by the originals.
14th Tyler 8th Eliminated Tyler got last during the challenge which was an instant elimination.
15th Paulie 7th Voted Out The newbies got ganged up on at the vote and Paulie was the first target.
16th Justin 6th Voted Out Justin tried to play everyone into voted out Gwen, but Heather wanted to be the mastermind and told everyone his plan ending his game.
17th/18th Duncan Arrested After attacking Harold, Duncan was sent to back juvy again.
18th/17th Harold Medevac After getting attacked by Duncan, Harold was sent to the hospital
19th Sierra 5th Voted Out Cody was annoyed by Sierra and got her voted out.
20th Geoff Quit Geoff was to heartbroken over Bridgette and decided to quit.
21st Alejandro 4th Voted Out The girls figured out what he did to Bridgette, so they got rid of him.
22nd Bridgette 3rd Voted Out Bridgette was tricked by Alejandro again to kiss him in front of Geoff, and everyone voted her off for being a cheater.
23rd Sadie 2nd Voted Out Seen as a weak player and was voted off.
24th Owen 1st Voted Out Owen was seen as the weakest during the challenge and was voted off for it.


  • S = Safe (Immune)
  • I = Safe (At Elimination or In)
  • R = In Bottom at Elimination (Risk)
  • O = OUT (Eliminated)

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