Act Episode Eliminated Winner(s)
1 Ultimate Ace None None

In this episode, Zane, the host, introduced everyone to everyone. There was no challenge for this day, however, Zane replaced it by introducing everything to everyone. He placed them into two teams of seven. The Silver Scrolls and Burning Bushes are now the competing teams.

1 Raisin Skinned Losers Riccardio Marmalade
In this episode, the teams competed in a challenge of endurance. They were forced to stay in a pool full of eels, snakes, and rushing waters until they all gave in and got out. Marmalade won, and decided to put Riccardio and Jordan up for elimination.
1 The Cliffside Chase Olivia Rob
In this episode, everyone competed in a cliffside challenge. They ran around the forestry outside, competing for points and cash. Olivia and Brady were missing in the episode, tied up outside on trees.
1 Setting Goals, Breaking Hearts Rob Tony
In this episode, the players competed in a scavenger hunt. A high pointing factor is that Scarlett located Brady and Olivia. Despite this, she was not the Ultimate Ace. However, their team lost and Rob was eliminated.
1 I Remember You...

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