Ella, the Pretty Bully of the Crazy Kings, is a contestant on Total Drama Kingdom.

Ella (Total Drama Kingdom)
Crazy Kings
Black Aces
Gender Female
Hair color Black
Episode Eliminated "Formula Three Racing"
Place 3/9
Relationship Ed
Family Sister, Mom
Friends Ed
Enemies Terrence, Ruby, Kelly
Fear Being caught breaking someone's arm
Talent Being strong


"NEVER take me to the mall. NEVER comment on my outfits. I HATE THEM. Don't EVER call me "pretty." I can break a pro wrestler's arm." Ella says, then breaks someone's leg.

Surprisingly, Ella sent in 2 auditions, as one of them was the wrong tape. THIS is the real tape:

"Hi, I'm Ella. I have multiple good outfits, and I'm popular. But don't anger me, or I can break your wrist. Watch." Ella then breaks her sister's wrist, and takes her and runs out of the room. Then her sister, sobbing, says "When Mom gets home, you're SO grounded!"


At a small age, Ella was spoiled. Her parents bought her multiple outfits, and they were pink and frilly. Then, she entered Junior High. Nobody really liked her very much. Then she came face to face with the school bully, who threatened to punch her after "borrowing" his pencil. However, Ella discovered her true strength when she broke his arm. She was expelled from the school she was at, and gained a sadistic attitude. She was then sent to boarding school, but disliked everyone. When she entered the ninth grade, she took anger management classes, calming her attitude. The guidance counselor at her school recommended auditioning for a reality show. She auditioned for Everyone Hates YOU! and Total Drama Kingdom. She accidentally sent both to Total Drama Kingdom, but got accepted because of the wrong audition.


  • Ella is based off of a nicer version of Eva.
  • Ella's design is an edit of Eva.
  • The other show, Everybody hates YOU!, is a show the author made up with his friend.
  • Ella supported Ruby in the finale, only because she hates Kelly more; this is vice versa with Jessie.

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