Eleanor, labeled '''The Crazy Cat Lady, is a contestant on Total Drama Showdown.

Gender Female
Chapter Eliminated "TBA"
Position TBA
Relationship Russell
Alliances TBA
Family mother
Friends Russell, Albert, Zane, Wally
Enemies Scott, Browyn, Alyssa
Origin Ale-Alejandro


Eleanor is the only child of her single mother. Born and raised in Canada's national trailer park, Eleanor was home-schooled, so she grew up very attached to her mother and doesn't trust easily. In fact, she barely trusts anyone - besides her cats. She currently is the proud owner of twenty-four different purebred kittens that she's grown up with all of her life, yet Eleanor's mother has begun dating a middle-aged man with a deadly allergy to pet hair. To fix this, Eleanor has joined Total Drama Showdown, hoping to help purchase him a lifetime supply of medication to stop the allergy and buy a nicer trailer for her mom.

Total Drama Showdown



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