Eddi is The Wannabe in Total Drama Failures. She is on The Bashful Books Team.

The Bashful Books
Gender female
Hair color brown
Episode Eliminated "Let's see if you can stand each other"
Place 12th
Friends none
Enemies Kamie, Alisha


Eddi always wanted to be popular. She always tried to follow trends but the popular girls would change them so quickly. She would try to keep up with them. Even she would write out plans. She tried to sit at the popular table. But they wouldn't let her. She would always focus on her own popularity. Then one day she got her report card and it was the final one. They were bad grades. Her teacher said she would be held back. She didn't want to get held back and high school since she just finished. Her parents decided to send her to Total Drama Failures.


  • Her shirt has a star on it because, stars can represent popularity.
  • She wears flares because those are the latest trend at her old school.

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