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Ed (Total Drama Kingdom)
Crazy Kings
Gender Male
Hair color Red
Episode Eliminated "A Teen in King Chris's Court"
Place 6/9
Relationship Ella
Friends Ella, Kelly, Terrence
Enemies Ruby
Fear Losing the football championship
Talent Sports, betting

Ed, labeled the Cool Jock, is a contestant on Total Drama Kingdom. He is on the Crazy Kings team.


Ed is playing football. "Hey, I'm Ed!" Then it switches to another scene where he shoots a goal in soccer. "Put me on your show," Then another scene comes on where he is lifting weights. "and I'll put the drama in Total Drama Kingdom!"


Ed, as a child, liked sports. His father was the coach of a football team. Ed usually had to stick with his father and watch the football games, as his parents were divorced. When he turned eight, he got a football for his birthday. by then, he was already a master at football and trying hockey. For his ninth birthday, he got a hockey stick and puck - but he was a master at hockey and decided to become a master at swimming. For his tenth birthday, he got a wetsuit, but he was trying basketball. This cycled continued on and on, and he's currently trying rugby.

Ed joined Total Drama Kingdom to further his ability as a jock.


  • Ed is an edit of Ezekiel.
  • Ed was originally intended to place second.
  • Ed supported Ruby in the finale.


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