I bounced on the exercise ball. It matched my hair perfectly.

Slowly I leaned back, faster, until finally my head collided with the floor.

"Ooh! Fun!" I said rubbing my head. The bus was coming soon, what should I do until then?

I slipped the comedy into the casette. Some people call them horror movies, but thats dumb. They're so fake it's hilarious. Then I thought about it more. Did I have to go back to Total Drama Action? I listed the reasons why I shouldn't in my head.

  • Heather
  • Chris
  • Loons (Meaning everyone)
  • People calling me "Izzy"
  • Heather called me dumb (at least it wasn't aired)

Yeah right! Lindsay was the dumb one. I decided. No Total Drama Action for me! I turned my attention back to the comedy, until I realized.

Stupid contract! I looked at it, it was on my bed, right there, so innocent, so unsuspecting. I grabbed it.

10 minutes later the contract was in a million peices, scattered everywhere. I coughed up some paper. There. Now I could rest easy. I looked at the screen again.

All of sudden I heard knocking, the door opened I heard my mom talking to someone. Then my door opened.

"Izz-" my mom began.

"E-scope! Or Kaleidescope! Yeah either ones cool with me!" I said.

"O.K. Kaleidescope dear, it's time for the reality show,"

"No thanks,"

"But think about everything you're looking forward to!"

"I'm looking forward to nothing,"


I thought about it. I made a small list in my head.

  • Owen
  • Teasing Heather

"I can think of two things," I told my mom.

"O.K. But you might win money," My mom said.

I thought about. It was worth a chance to win a million dollars. The more I thought about the more I realized I actully enjoyed last season a little. And I knew my mom was dying to get rid of me.

"I am on my way!" I hollered. I grinned and grabbed my backback and ran outside.

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