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Mike (Mal), Alejandro.

Duncan was a character in Total Drama All Over Again. Duncan was the bad boy, but he loves Courtney all of the time. He wanted Courtney back, but if he can get her back ..? He's friends with Alejandro and has a little conflict with Scott.

Total Drama All Over Again

Duncan's first appearance was in the first episode from season one. When he arrived as first, he really wanna Courtney back. But Courtney doesn't want Duncan anymore, cause he was with Gwen. Duncan thinks it's cool.


Courtney is angry on Scott and Duncan.

In All Over Again he arrived as first. His first line was; Hi Chris, this has not changed a bit. When he talked with Chris, he sees Courtney. But Courtney is angry on him. She wanna call her lawyer. Duncan said The dramatic-Courtney, hey baby to Courtney. But Courtney was really angry on him. When Alejandro arrived, he talks with him. But when Courtney screams, Heather made a angry answer to her. Duncan agreed with her. Later he was placed on team Mad Lions. That night he was in the bathroom. The night begins. Mike is in the night and goes to the bathroom. When he arrived, he looks in the mirror. He shouts suddenly. He looks aside and see for yourself Mal. The blow he made ​​Mal back. He can not think. In his mind happened a lot. Then the door opened and Mike will quickly themselves. It's Duncan. Hey Duncan, Mike said friendly to Duncan. Hi, what's up Duncan asked, while he's going to the toilet. I'm fine, thanks for asking. But i'll go back to the cabin. See ya tommorow. Mike says and walks away. Later dude Duncan said. While Mike is back, he again Mal. When he walks into the cabin he sees Beardo sleep. Under Beardo sleeps Scott. Mike sees a picture from Courtney and Scott together. Mike takes the photo and places it under his pillow. He will give this to Courtney tomorrow. There will be fight tomorrow. Next day at the challenge Courtney and Duncan had fight. When Chris launches, candidates may run up the beach. Courtney and Duncan look everywhere and getting in each other's way. Leave me alone, sucker. Courtney said angry to Duncan, while she looks for the wooden pieces. Do you know you are the most annoying girl on this show? But you are the most beautiful to. Duncan said with a smile on his face. Courtney didnt answer that.

In Gonna Get 'Em All he was scared at the challenge. When Lindsay was caught, he was scared. But he won with his team and goes to the beautiful McLean Mansion. When Ella acts as Snowwhite Duncan asks "Everything you do, you do as snowwhite?".

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