Duncan was in jail after the events of Total Drama All-Stars until he got an idea: break out. He had his friends Candace and Quentin in prison with him and they liked the idea. The prison was on a small island in Canada. Candace had to find the security system wires, shut it down, and Quentin would impersonate a police officer to help Duncan and Candace. All was going well until the three hijacked a normal-sized boat and took off. That's when the problems started. Some other policemen sailed after them. One got out his gun and nearly shot Duncan. Quentin was rowing as steering like a madman, attempting to not let anyone get shot. Quentin came out and shoved both Duncan and Candace itno the lake. "Sorry. Tell the prisoners how I double-crossed you and broke out," Quentin said, and he went back to steering. Candace and Duncan held onto the back of the boat and the shooting began again. After a few minutes of this, Duncan saw land. "Land! Land! We made it!" Quentin heard this, and spun the boat around. At that minute, a bullet flew past Duncan's left ear and out of sight. One of the police officers jumped off the police boat, and swam towards Candace and Duncan. Then, Duncan had an idea. He jumped onto the boat and escaped the situation. Quentin had his back to Duncan, allowing Duncan to push Quentin off the boat! He heard Candace jump on, and the two sailed off and Quentin was left with the police. His fate is unknown. Did he get shot or put back in jail? Duncan and Candace never found out. They were free! All of a sudden, a helicopter came. "The police aren't done yet!" Candace shouted. A tranquilizer dart shot Duncan in the chest and he fell asleep. When he woke up, he was in the helicopter with...Chris McLean and Chef Hatchet? "Hey, what are you lunatics doing here?" Duncan asked angrily. "Well, after you blew up my cottage..." Chris said. "Mansion," Duncan interrupted. "We decided to give you another chance and put you on another season!" Chris said. "No! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

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