12contestent 500 million dollers 

one day there were two girl called britany andsmantha they were talking  about the field trip tommorrow  and they saw the boys . THE best day was when you guys could not find the sticks to work the boat and said what the heck was going on this is stuipid becuse you guys re just talking rubbish   how do you now that we are wrong but you dont know that were the right wons and your not so mart dont you know think ya know everything but you dont  know anything so hut up okay                                                                                                                                                        

episode 1 okay today is the first challenge

  1. and the first thing you have to do is run to the middle  of the line andjump into the lake of angry crocdiles and you will win theultimateprize of  seven hundred million dollrars  that is an amazing prize james th

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