In this exciting prequel to Total Drama Island, Chad McLean, the older brother of Chris McLean brings 16 teens to an abandoned prestigious private school named Drama Academy. Each contestant will be designated to one of four teams based on their current social status in high school - popular, athlete, off-beat, or brain. Every week, the contestants will be competing in various challenges around the campus, hoping to win the grand prize of $1,000,000. At the final ten, the four teams will become one, and they will merge from there on out, every contestant eliminated from there on will become a member of the seven person jury, that will choose which of the final three they believe deserves to win the most. Who will emerge victorious?

Airing on the Reality Realized Network.


  • Alexia (The Head Cheerleader) - Alexia is your typical cheerleader - pushy, bossy, and totally in control of the situation. Alexia heils from Toronto, but was sent on the show as punishment for harming a teammate that kissed her boyfriend. Alexia will do anything to get what she wants, not caring or worrying about who might get hurt in the process, which she plans to use to her advantage in the game.  
  • Alice (The Cosplayer) - Alice is an accomplished cosplayer of many popular Canadian television series. Growing up, Alice adored dressing in costume, especially in the costumes of her favorite characters in both movies and TV shows. When Alice went into high school, she joined the school's theatre club and was eventually kicked out due to her obsession. Alice signed up for Drama Academy to secure enough money to cosplay for the rest of her life. 
  • Brice (The Know-It-All) - Brice comes from the coldest, darkest region of Canada. Growing up, Brice was isolated from others, being homeschooled up until high school. Upon arrival to high school, Brice failed to make friends, due to being incredibly studious and knowing everything about basically anything. Brice's mother signed him up to attend Drama Academy following a violent altercation at his old school. 
  • Bre (The Plus-Size Model) - Bre is a beautiful, sixteen year-old who has struggled since she was born. She was born heavy and was heavy as a child, yet was very beautiful. Peers teased her for her weight, despite her beauty and compassion towards everyone around her. Bre is no pushover, and will stand up for what she believes in, no matter what the outcome might be for her. Bre signed up for Total Drama to get away from the bullies at school and have a new experience.
  • Dakota (The Feminine Guy) - Dakota is a feminine, eighteen year-old Broadway lover who was born in New York City. Growing up, Dakota was an extremely tall, skinny kid who was well-liked by everyone, due to his massive acting and writing talents. Dakota has achieved many titles, such as homecoming king, prom king, and student council president. Dakota signed up for Drama Academy to reveal himself to the acting world, hoping to become an actor one day. 
  • Dylan (The Cocky Tri-athlete) - Dylan is a cocky, rude athlete from Newfoundland. Growing up, Dylan constantly found himself in fights for superiority in any sporting event - rugby, basketball, and tennis. Dylan continued to achieve awards and has let it go to his head further, causing the majority of his friends to distance themselves from him. Dylan signed up for Drama Academy hoping that he will get signed to a major sports team or become a tennis professional. 
  • Erik (The Class Clown) - Erik is a high school sophomore who is constantly the center of attention and the jokester. He is well-liked by everybody around him, and has constantly gotten along with those around him. Despite his likability, he struggles to assert himself in serious situations and is therefore deemed the pushover within his friends group. Erik joined the cast of Drama Academy, dreaming to finally be able to speak his mind, as well as make new friends. 
  • Kelsey (The Sarcastic Journalist) - Kelsey is the Editor in Chief of the Mustang Gazette, her high school's local newspaper. Kelsey isn't your average girl - she's incredibly sarcastic, difficult to collaborate or work with whatsoever, and never backs down from an argument, resulting in the firings of many of her staff members, as well as failed friendship. Kelsey graduated from her high school this year, and decided to further her education at Drama Academy, believing that it is a prestigious university with an exceptional journalism program.
  • Luke (The Sweet Center) - Luke is a eighteen year-old high school senior who excels in sports, particularly hockey. Luke was born in New York, but his parents moved to Manitoba when he was six years old. Luke was taught to always be kind to others, and good things will happen to you. Following the football season, Luke graduated at midterm and signed up for Drama Academy, also believing that it was a university with the best hockey team in Canada. 
  • Maggie (The Sassy Asian) - Maggie is a seventeen year-old adopted child from Korea, that later moved to Canada at the age of 2. Growing up with two extreme liberal parents, Maggie developed a foul mouth and never held back from voicing her opinions, leading to her forming many enemies along the way. Maggie is incredibly intelligent, especially in the subjects of English and History. Maggie signed up for Drama Academy to spread the Asian culture around the world through television.
  • Matty (The Unlucky Kid) - Matty is a fifteen year-old outcast from Alberta. Growing up, Matty was ostracized due to his consistent bad luck and injuries, and therefore he has always kept to himself. Matty has always battled with his confidence, having one sole friend that recently moved away. Matty joined Drama Academy, hoping to make friends that will last a lifetime.  
  • Myra (The Remembered Athlete) - Myra is a beautiful twin born and raised in San Francisco. Growing up, Myra always outshined her twin sister, Mary, who people always tended to forget about due to Myra. Myra stood out for her beauty and grace, but also because she was an accomplished athlete in both tennis and beach volleyball. Myra signed up for Drama Academy, hoping to excel further in both sports and academics, as well as letting her sister get the spotlight for once. 
  • Riley (The Attractive Sprinter) - Riley is an attractive high school junior born and raised in Toronto. Growing up, Riley always excelled at running, and found it as an escape from her dysfunctional family. If it wasn't running that distracted Riley, it was boys - Riley is quite the flirt, as she is the most attractive kid in school, but a recent scandal rocked Riley's family's world, leaving her parents to send her to Drama Academy to find herself again. 
  • Steven (The Passionate Chemist) - Steven is a sixteen year-old nerdy, friendly aspiring chemist from Calgary. Growing up, Steven excelled in school and constantly skipped grades, entering high school at the age of ten. Steven later befriended his chemistry teacher, and has been obsessed with it every since, even making a discovery that changed the fact of chemistry. Despite this discovery, Steven struggles with social skills due to him failing to maintain a conversation without discussing chemistry. Steven signed up for Drama Academy to improve his social skills. 
  • Tate (The Bitter Goth) - Tate is a eighteen year-old high school dropout that never connected with aynone. Growing up, Tate ran away from home at the age of twelve due to constant arguments with his family that escalated Tate to become fed up with them, causing him to leave. Now, Tate is a bitter teen looking ofr a purpose in the world. Tate signed up for Drama Academy to find his place in the world. 
  • Victoria (The Princess) - Victoria is a wealthy heiress from Ontario that has bought all of the popularity that she has. She will go as far as necessary to win a popularity contest, including poisoning a girl's mashed potatoes at school so she'd become the lead in a school play. Victoria is vindictive, yet portrays the lead heiress who does no wrong. Victoria signed up for Drama Academy to extend her popularity internationally.


Chapter 1: Orientation Day

Elimination Table

# Contestant 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Alexia IN
Alice IN
Brice IN
Bre IN
Dakota IN
Dylan IN
Erik IN
Kelsey IN
Luke IN
Maggie IN
Matty IN
Myra IN
Riley IN
Steven IN
Tate IN
Victoria IN


     Name: This contestant was on the Populars team.
     Name: This contestant was on the Brains team.
     Name: This contestant was on the Athletes team.
     Name: This contestant was on the Off-beats team.
     WIN: This contestant won immunity for this episode.
     IN: This contestant did not get enough votes to be eliminated.
     LOW: This contestant was the last person to be called safe.
     OUT: This contestant received the most votes and was eliminated from the competition.

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