Drake, known as the Quitter Boy, was going to be a contestant of Total Drama Surprise, but quit due to knowing there was a great chance of him not winning the $1,000,001. Suri Mane later convinced him to be her assistant for an immediate $1,000. He was going to be on the Tricky Mimes team.


Not much is known about Drake. He was born in Wyoming, where he stayed there until he heard of Total Drama Surprise auditions. He got a spot, and then went to the mansion. Drake is usually a quitter, as he quit Total Drama Surprise before it even started.

Drake (TDS)
Tricky Mimes (Quit)
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Episode Eliminated "N/A"
Place N/A
Relationship Tiffany May (Ended)
Family Mother, Father (Deceased)
Friends Suri Mane, Tiffany May
Enemies None
Fear Quitting everything he accomplished
Talent Quitting
Origin Canadian

Total Drama Surprise

Drake was going to be a contestant, but quit. He is currently an assistant of Suri Mane, giving her whatever she wants. There was only one person who knew Drake before the competition, which is Tiffany May. They were both in a relationship before the competition, but Tiffany May broke up with him when he quit.

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