Dominic (SS)
Soaring SeagullsDoSSTD
Gender Male
Hair color Black
Relationship None
Family Mother
Fear Having his MMORPG account deleted
Talent MMORPG, Computers In General

Dominic, labeled as The Uber Nerd, is a character on S.S. Total Drama.


Dominic was always a smart guy, but never very active. When Dominic got his first computer it became his addiction, and up to this days he is still addicted to his computers. Dominic spends his entire day on the computer, visiting forums and playing MMORPGs with his friends. He became so addicted to his computers to the point where he eats in front of it, and does not shower regularly anymore. He also sacrificed his grades and some hours of sleep just so he can have more time in the computer. Dominic is also desperate for a girlfriend, despite having an on-and-off "relationship" with a White Magician who supposedly lives in Russia, who he swears it's not a forty-year-old man.

Dominic joined Total Drama to find a girlfriend, and win a million dollars.

After S.S. Total Drama

Dominic returned to his life of doing nothing but playing games in his mother’s basement after competing on the show. He discovered a new interest, however: fan forums. He now visits many fan forums and tries to be a troll because he thinks it is funny, but he is just not good at it. Oh, and his “girlfriend” is doing well too, they had a little fight, but are going strong. Maybe planning a wedding, or even meeting in real life.


  • Dominic's image is based on Sal Manella from the Ace Attorney series.
  • Dominic's name would originally be Do (pronounced D'oh) but that would be confusing on paper.
  • Originally, another character replaced Dominic. His name was Fausto, and he was a retired TV show host with an annoying personality. Fausto would be the first character eliminated.
  • Dominic originally made it farther, but he didn't meet the author's expectations on paper.
  • Dominic was supposed to return in my cancelled story, Total Drama Ranch. He would not have made the merge again.
  • Dominic's updated image is based on a character from the game Trauma Center.

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