Django is a character labeled as The Costume Guy in Total Drama Idiots. He was placed on the 'Screaming Parasites' team.

Screaming Parasites
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "?"
Place  ?
Relationship  ?
Friends Channary, Kim
Enemies Fred, Ferguson


Django has loved to dress up ever since he was a kid. He always dressed up in crazy outfits that you wouldn’t usually see on anyone besides him. He didn’t care though because he enjoyed his originality in things. To be even more original, he made his own costume’s himself. He often joined school plays that involved dressing up and he was very good at acting as well. He joined Total Drama Idiots to show off his costumes and for the money.

Total Drama Idiots

In Idiot Arrivals, Django arrives in tiger cloth, though Steve hoped for Katy Perry. He stated he didn't wear girls costumes but pretty much everything else. At first, he had a hard time adjusting to the stupidity of the characters but quickly becomes friends with Channary. After, Chloe faked her drowning he did CPR on her. Some contestants (Fred and Ferguson) saw him as an idiot since he didn't know much about technology. He ignored them and fell for Kim ironically. He was placed on the Screaming Parasites.

Audition Tape



  • The picture was drawn by OHF.
  • His name is named from Phineas and Ferb.

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