Dimitri (TDD)
Team Fire

Team Lighting

Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Eye color Blue

Dimitri is a contestant on both Total Drama Dra and Total Drama Dra's Revenge. He was on Team Fire and Team Lighting. To see more, visit his cast page on Total Drama Dra and it's sequel.

My Time on Total Drama Dra's Revenge

Episode Name How They Did Episode Rank
We're Leaving on a Boat...Again Dimitri managed to get on nearly everyone's nerves. Though not much happened, it was still enough to get people not to like him. On the ship, he was put on Team Lighting and was one of the final males to be chosen. N/A
The Bonfire Ceremony Here's where Dimitri really spiked everyone's nerves. He wouldn't shut up for ten seconds for his team to get some peace and quiet. The woman in red saved him from dying after Zach threw Dimitri off of the ship. He hurt Sydney during the challenge and caused them to fall behind. When he had to find a poison dart frog for the challenge, he got poisoned and nearly died. This lead to him being eliminated from the game first. OUT

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