Derik Martenez
Krazy Katz
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Blue
Eye color Blue
Episode Eliminated "Dodge-Pokeball"
Place 3rd
Relationship Megan Hellenfer
Family Mother
Friends Ami and Yumi,Sonic
Fear Losing his Ducky Momo necklace
Talent Flipping
Counterpart Anti-Derik

Total Drama Syle

In Total Drama Syle, He was tackled by Lady Gaga. In The Pre vote,he voted "Lady Gaga." In Challange 1 he was assigned to "Krazy Katz." When She had to jump off the cliff,he Jumped With Megan. In Challange 2,He Was one of the people not to say Muffin.In Episode 3, Her fear was losing his "Ducky Momo" Necklace. He Stopped Megan from ringging the bell, by Derik kissing her. Derik Put his bandana on Her. His team lost,and he voted Ami. Challange 4: He Came in third, because he Tripped on a Rock. His Team lost. He Voted Yumi. In challange 5; he didn't compete. He told Pikachu that it was nerve that was making her fire all 10s and 5s. Challange 8:He went all over camp trying to find Chris,but he failed. Megan Decided to give her Invicibilty to him. Challange 9: He was 2nd out. He was elimnated.

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