Deb, labeled as The Manly Girl, was a contestant on Total Drama Losers.

Globetrotting Fans
Losing Locusts
Gender Female
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated TDL - "From the mind of Maulik"
Place TDL - Sixteenth
Relationship Julio (Broken-up), Salvatore (Unrequited)
Family Mother, Father
Enemies Julio, Maulik, "Ugly", Esteban, Bozo, Cecil
Fear Tornadoes, clowns

Chapter Guide

Total Drama Losers

Chapter One - When Deb arrived, she was introduced as the ex-girlfriend of Julio. She was put on the Globetrotting Fans team. Deb jumped out of the helicopter, and the Globetrotting Fans won immunity.

Chapter Two - Deb was nicknamed "Mullet" by "Sarge". The Globetrotting Fans won immunity again.

Chapter Three - Deb says that Maulik is universally disliked and would probably be voted out first. She participates in the surfing challenge, against Bozo. Deb is afraid of clowns and tried to avoid looking at Bozo. This resulted in her loss. Despite this, the Fans won again.

Chapter Four - After the Fans lost the challenge, Salvatore told Deb and some other girls to vote off Cecil. Deb agreed. She voted for Cecil.

Chapter Five - Deb votes for Elka.

Chapter Six -Deb noted that she hadn't made many friends in the game, and could be an early out if she's put on a bad team. She was put on the Losing Locusts, and was excited because they had immunity.

Chapter Seven - Lois offers an alliance to Deb, which Deb neither accepts nor denies.

Chapter Eight - Deb enjoyed being on a plane. Realizing that her team was losing the play challenge, Deb ran onto the stage and sang "Friday." "Ugly" wanted to get Deb voted off. Deb insulted Bozo's clown makeup, which resulted in Bozo attacking Deb. Deb voted for "Ugly."


Total Drama All-Stars

Julio - Julio frequently mentions his girlfriend, Deb.

Total Drama Losers

Julio - Deb is outraged when Julio is mentioned and refuses to be associated with him.

Salvatore - Deb was attracted to Salvatore during her time on the show.


Deb has always been a tomboy, and never liked anything feminine or girly, except Julio. Julio and Deb dated briefly, but broke up after Total Drama All-Stars. Deb is athletic and tough, but also has a caring side. She is afraid of tornadoes because her first house was destroyed by a tornado, and she feared she'd die in it.


Total Drama Losers

  • Deb was the last new character revealed.
  • Deb received five votes.

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