Dawson is labeled as The Crybaby and was one of the 16 contestants on Total Drama Chaos.

Raging Raccoons
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "Total Drama Chaotic Water Brawl"
Place 15th
Relationship None
Friends Michael
Enemies Joe, Teresa, Todd, Jenika
Fear Therapists
Talent Crying


Dawson was once a happy boy; he never doubted the worst could go wrong during his days. Unfortunately, that all changed when he and his parents got hurt in a car accident. While they all survived the accident, Dawson started to panic that things can go wrong and when he went back to school, it did. He was picked on for most of the day and at lunch, got into the crossfire of a food fight. After school, he was then robbed at gunpoint, which crossed the line for Dawson. He became a downer ever since that terrible day. When Dawson's mother saw an ad for Total Drama Chaos in the newspaper, she signed Dawson up, hoping he would cheer up after winning.

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