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Dawn was a character in Total Drama All Over Again. Dawn is a girl that doesnt talk much. She is a Moonchild. Cause she talked not much, she has no conflicts.

Total Drama All Over Again

Dawn's first appearance was in the first episode of the first season. She talked not so much, but talked with Zoey when she arrived.


The Challenge

In All Over Again she arrived as the last original castmember. When she's arrived she talked with Zoey. Nobody else talks to her. Later she was placed on team Mad Lions. She feel a bad chakra by Max, but doesnt say anything else. At the challenge she helps the team, but said nothing. But her team loses, so she had to vote someone off. Before the elimination she become friends with Scarlett. So she didn't vote for Scarlett, but she voted for Courtney. She feels a bad aura. She doesnt like it when Scarlett was voted off. In Gonna Get 'Em All she sits with Heather and Courtney on the girls cabin. When Mal is arrived she said "The bad .. bad .. Mal. I feel cold réally cold..". Dawn is scared and walks to the outside. At the challenge Heather is lost. Dawn said "We need to run again, or we will lose the challenge i think..". Everyone runs. Her team lost so she was at the elimination ceremony. She voted Max.

Chris needs to say something

In The secret is Love she saw the fight of Courtney and Heather. Courtney wants Dawn on her side, but Dawn wants to be neutral. "Please chill. Relax your chakra's." Dawn said slowly. Later at the challenge Dawn helped her team very well. Dawn comes with wood. She and Heather makes fire then. "Campfire .. i feel a good aura here." Dawn said. And Dawn made the tent. And she won with her team. So she was very happy and eats something at the McLean Mansion.

In A horrible thing Dawn walks to Alejandro and Courtney and looks to outside. Then she looks to Courtney and Alejandro and smiles. She walks away and sits by Heather. Alejandro and Courtney walks to Dawn and Heather and sits. Courtney looks scared to Heather. At the truth or dare challenge Dawn said "Truth..". "Are you happy with your team? With the three evils?" Chef said to him. Dawn thinks.. - "No, i'm not happy. There's much fight." Dawn said and keeps calm. She said the truth. Dawn looks to team Mad Lions. - "I choose .. Duncan!" Dawn said. Her team understands Dawn.

In Canary Yacht Dawn sits on a chair and watches some tv. A progam for relaxing your chakra is on. "Are you guys in?" Dawn asked to Courtney and Alejandro.They both said no. They has again a fight. This was her confessional. ' *CONF* "They have always fight. Always about the stupid things ... and i don't

Dawn quits

like the game anymore." Dawn said. *END CONF. At the challenge Dawn grabs a canary and put it on the bag. - "I have get one" Dawn said, but nobody listen to her. Dawn walks in the quicksand. - "Help me!" Dawn said. The Strange Owls are still fighting. Mal looks to Dawn and smiles as a evil. When Dawn screamed and almost below it is, Courtney helps her. - "I'M DONE HERE." Dawn screamed angry and the times stops. Chris, Chef and the Mad Lions walks to Dawn and the Strange Owls. They looks surprised to Dawn. "I quit. I was almost death, you three are only fighting and i'm done with it. This is worth a million." Dawn said and cries. At the elimination ceremony Chris asked to Dawn if she's happy. "Yeah, they are nice to me. But i dont like fight. I can never relax or socialize. It's always a fight. The aura here is bad and they have bad chakra's. So it's good for me, to go now. I hope they will never fight again after this." Dawn said and smiles to the three Strange Owls. Dawn walks to the dock of shame and sees Mal laughing. She feels bad and looks angry to him. She's drived away.

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