Welcome to darkgarmadon4321's Total Drama Tournament, where 14 of your favorite characters from season 3 and 4 of total drama will fight for 2 million dollars! Also joining us is 1- I mean 2 new characters, one which is a robot designed by Heather, ha ha, which is an exact copy of the new guy. His name is Dark Garmadon and he has red eyes and pale skin, ha ha! He's also the creator of this series. Anywho, the other one is known as the darkbot. Who will win this season? Will the winner get bad luck and get his/her money to fall in lava, have to pay the money to get outta jail, or get it eaten by an alligator? Will toxic waste still cover our tournament spot? Find out here, on TOTAL! DRAMA! TOURNAMENT!


"Welcome to total drama tournament!" said Chris McLean, "Our 16 contestants are coming in about... now!". A boat containing contestants arrived. "Welcome, contestants," said Chris, "to total drama tournament!". Chris looks at the camera as 14 of the contestants get out of the ship. "As you see we're back to camp Wawanakwa, now that it has been toxic-inated!" said Chris. "What happened to camp Wawanakwa?" said everyone from season 1-3. "It was sold to a toxic waste company as the company's junkyard," said Zoey.

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