Dark Cloak, labeled as the Cloaked Villain is a contestant in Total Drama: Fantasy Clash.

Dark Cloak
Dark Cloak
Gender Male
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship TBA
Friends Nobody
Enemies Sir Blonde 'n Mighty, his servants.
Fear Getting locked in a prison
Talent Being evil, using dark magic


Dark Cloak is a person of mystery. He is called Dark Cloak by the townspeople he torments because no one knows his real name or what he looks like. His only known thing of his appearance is his dark purplish cloak, old pale wrinkled arms, and glowing red eyes inside a hood. Dark Cloak lives in a tower with skeleton and goblin servants and no matter how much work they do for him he never treats them with respect. His sworn enemy is Sir Blonde 'n Mighty who keeps ruining his evil plans as well as trying to marry Princess Sweetiepie who is really in love with Sir Blonde 'n Mighty. His main plans is to vanquish Sir Blonde 'n Mighty and take over the kingdom and marry Princess Sweetiepie. But one day a portal brought him into the real world and he met Chris. He then joined his new reality show hoping to become stronger and finally vanquish his enemies and get what he wants.


  • I had trouble naming him but I called him Dark Cloak because it sounded cool.
  • He is the first villain revealed in Total Drama: Fantasy Clash.

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