Team Perci
Gender Female
Hair color Golden Blonde
Episode Eliminated "I've Got Seventeen Tickets To Paradise"
Place 17th
Relationship None
Family Twin Sister, Mother, Father
Friends Lana, N
Enemies Perci
Fear Losing Lana
Talent Being nice, being a good sister

Darceline, labeled The Nice Girl, is a contestant on Total Drama: Paradise Beach. Darceline and her twin sister Lana used to be as close as two people could get. When they were younger, they were both extremely nice and similar to each other. This continued into their teens. However, Lana's boyfriend broke up with her on their sixteenth birthday. Lana was devastated and turned into an emotionless goth. Ever since, Darceline has been trying to get her back to her self. Darceline signed her and Lana up for Total Drama because she's a huge fan and hopes it will cheer Lana up because she was a big fan before she became emotionless.

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