Danny, labeled Mr. Nice Guy, is a player in Total Drama Insanity.

Murderous Mosquitoes
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Episode Eliminated "Danny in the Middle"
Place 12
Friends Craig, Damien, Daisy, Courtney, Halle, Katie, DJ, Matt, Zeke
Enemies None


Being big runs in Danny's family, but he doesn't mind. Danny always saw the glass half full, always looked on the bright side of life, because that made him happy, and the dark side scared him. Unlike someone else on TDIn, people don't seem to mind Danny's weight. Danny has a lot of friends because they can count on him when they need someone to make them smile. In return, Danny's friends let him borrow their notes for stuff like tests, because Danny's not that bright, and him being held back a year would devastate his friends. He joined TDIn to share his positive views on life with as many people as humanly possible.

Time on TDIn

In Who ARE These Freaks?, Danny ran over Chris as he got off of the bus, which is why Chris wore a helmet. Danny was placed on the Murderous Mosquitoes team and assigned a room with Craig. In One Kick for the team, Danny played defense second half. His team lost, and he voted for Matt. In Batons, Schemes, a Hot Tub, and Ice Cream, Craig convinced him and Damien to join an alliance with him, but didn't tell either Danny or Damien about the other half of said alliance. Danny didn't participate in the relay race. His team won.

In Both reached for the flag, Danny took on the role of defense on Courtney's orders. His team lost, and he voted for Courtney. In Let's see how much you suck!, Danny's talent was belching so hard it broke the sound barrier. Danny's team won. In Take me out to the Drama Game!, Danny played catcher. He voted for Beth.

Danny went to collect food for his team in Damien VS Craig: Strings to be Pulled!. Instead he found Matt. Danny's team lost. He voted for Damien, but was eliminated.


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