Team Smart Foxes

Dakota is an original TDROTI contestant labeled "The Fame - Monger". She makes an appearence on Total Drama Season of Stars as a part of the team Smart Foxes.

Total Drama Season of Stars

In Like Old Days she first appears resting at the big ship. When Chris announces that the ship is going to explode she starts running to the life - boats along with the other 49 contestants. She hops on a life boat with a fox on it along with a half of them. When they arrive to the docks they realize that this was a challenge and they are on the winning team. In Dream Match she first appears asking LeShawna what does she find in Harold. She makes her second appearence in the episode watching how some of the contestants face their dreams. At the elimination ceremony she gets a marshmellow. In Gaming, dodging and more she hits Courtney with a ball at the dodging area. She is latter hit by an unknown contestant. In Painball Rabbits and Foxes Hunt she has no lines but still becomes a fox. In the Floating Shame o' Trivia she watches how Beardo, Shawn, Sugar, DJ, Blaineley and Sky ruin their repotations. In The show goes on... and on... And ON she makes her first appearence sleeping on her bunk bed outside the cabins. She next appears in the Foxe's bus. She surely votes for Justin at the elimination and gets a gilded chris award there. In Building Time! she does nothing special but resting while LeShawna, Brick, Tyler and Lightning build the girl's trailer. At the elimination ceremony she is safe. In Songs, songs, songs... she first appears saying to Heather that she has to sing in the singing challenge. After the foxes lost in it she annoyed all of them by telling them how would it be better if she sang. At the elimination ceremony she is eliminated.

Opening Sequence

She is seen infront of all the cameras along with Trent when Beardo comes and she looks ashamed of him.

Promo Clip After Elimination

Dakota is on the boat for Playa de los Losers:

Dakota: Good thing that they eliminated me! Now I can see my Samy - bamy!


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