Dakota was on Total Drama Pahkitew Action.

Episode 1:

Dakota was a monster who was recovering. Her hair was growing back but she couldn't speak good English. She wasn't involved very much in episode 1. In the party movie challenge, she was supposed to be a pretty monster, but Lightning didn't film, so she never got the part. Her team lost that night and she was called for a marshmallow, remaining safe for the episode. 

Dakota (TDPA)
Grizzly Bears
Gender Female
Hair color Green, Blonde
Episode Eliminated "Paranormal Cheftivity"
Place 14th
Relationship NONE
Friends Zoey, Bridgettte, Leshawna, Heather
Enemies Lightning
Fear Being ugly
Talent Being pretty

Episode 2:

Dakota, still a monster, woke up when everyone was talking. It was 5:00 am. Izzy woke everyone up since she heard something. Dakota said she would go help protect Izzy, but Izzy didn't need protection. She just didn't want to be alone. Chris then broke in and Izzy attacked. 

At the woods entrance they teems had to record them being in the woods, like Paranormal Activity, or The Blair Witch Project. Dakota got lost and founf Heather, who said she would help Dakota if Dakota protected her. She agreed and Dakota did protect Heather, making the Grizzly Bears lose because Chef couldn't get Heather. The food that Dakota ate changed her back to human, wich she was happy with. Her name wasn't called so she was eliminated but she really didn't care since she had her hair humanity back.

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