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Northern Lights

American Travelers

The New Daisi
Gender Female
Hair color Blonde
Episode Eliminated "The quiz will test your memory. "
Place 3rd
Relationship Ryan
Family Mother, Sister
Friends Ryan, Charlotte, Lola, "Zoo-Zoo", Sophie, Dan, Teddie, Nik, Kassi, Tonie, Earl
Enemies Chuckie, Louie
Fear Falling
Talent Cheerleading, Singing

Daisi is labeled as The Cheerleader in Total Drama States.


Chapter 1- Daisi introduced herself. She sat with Charlotte. In the Pre-Game Immunity Vote, she voted for Ryan. She was then put on the Northern Lights. She did not race. Her team lost. At The Voting Ceremony, she voted for Louie.


  • Daisi is an appearance edit of Katie.
  • Daisi was the sixteenth person eliminated and the eigth girl overall.
  • Daisi was on the Northern Lights twice.

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