Author's Note: Okay, I wrote T Is For Temptation and wanted to continue the series. D Is For Denial is a one-shot about Duncan and Courtney (Even though I can't stand that overrated crap)

Duncan was busy carving. Carving a skull. He didn't understand why but he liked carving. All those nights in juvie, carving kept him entertained. It was midnight and Duncan was the last one awake. Or so he thought.......a light was on in the girl's cabin. There were only two fine females left. Both of them pretty hot, or atleast that's what Duncan thought. He went back to carving before he saw Courtney sitting outside the cabin. He didn't want to go see what was wrong but he had to.

"What's up princess?" he asked sitting down beside her.

"Oh go away you pig!" Courtney replied.

"Aw, princess, I'm heart-broken," Duncan made a puppy dog face, Courtney giggled.

"You like him don't you!?" questioned Bridgette.

"I do not like him!" enraged Courtney

"Then why'd I see you staring into his eyes huh?" Bridgette nudged Courtney who went ballistic.

"WHY DO YOU CARE IF I LIKE HIM OR NOT??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Courtney stomped off. Bridgette flopped down onto her bunk with a grin, "she so totally likes him,"

Duncan was up carving again.

"Why do you always stay up at the middle of the night?" she asked him. Duncan shrugged.

"So princess, came for more?"

"Your impossible!"

Courtney shoved Duncan, the knife slipped and pierced his finger. He stuck the finger in his mouth.

"Oh I'm sorry!" cried Courtney.

"That's alright..." Duncan said, "since you like me!"

"I do not like you!!!!" Courtney stomped off but she muttered under her breath, "D is for Denial, and also for Duncan" but Duncan stayed behind. The skull he was carving a minute ago wasn't there. In it's place ws a heart...

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