DJ is an original TDI contestants labeled "The Brickhouse With Heart". He makes a short appearence on Total Drama Season of Stars as part of the Smart Foxes.

Total Drama Season of Stars

In Like Old Days he is first seen on the big boat along with all the other 49 contestants. When he hears Chris saying that the ship will explode he starts running with them and doesn't hear Heather saying that this all is a trick. He hops on the boat with the fox on with half the other contestants. When they all arrive to the dock of Wawanakwa they realize that this was all a challenge, that they are a team called "The Smart Foxes" and that they have won the challenge. In Dream Match he is forced to face a group of animals even though he tries to escape by saying "Uh - oh!". Scott saves him though, because he puts some food and the animals forget about DJ and start eating it. At the elimination ceremony he gets a marshmellow. In Gaming, dodging and more... he says to his team that Tyler isn't good at sports and that they shouldn't get him to play. He is later hit by either Anne Maria or Blaineley. In Paintball Rabbits and Foxes Hunt he is first seen laughing at Leonard and his flying skills. After that he introduces himself to Ella and they soon become friends. In the challenge he is a hunter along with Ella, Owen, Dakota and Alejandro and he first shoots at Trent. In The Floating Shame 'o Trivia he is one of the himiliated persons by killing a baby panda at the zoo. In The Show Goes On... and on... And ON he doesn't have lines though he gets a marshmellow at the elimination ceremony. In Building Time! he hasn't got lines but probably votes for Eva and gets a marshmellow at the ceremony. In Songs, songs, songs... he doesn't have lines but surely votes for Dakota and gets a marshmellow at the gilded chris ceremony. In Big Vampire Game he shares to Brick that he is afraid of the dark and quits witch makes him immedeatly thrown out a catapult.

Opening Sequence

He is seen swimming when he sees a shark (Izzy in a costume) and swims away.

Promo Clip After Elimination

DJ and Brick land in Playa de los losers:

DJ: Maybe we shouldn't refused to compete and just go in there with someone else so we couldn't be so afraid.

Brick: Yeah...

They both look really sad but then they get off their clothes and hop in the pool.


  • He is the first (along with Brick) to quit from TDSOS
  • He is one of the only contestants to reveal their fears on TDSOS

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