DJ is a player in Total Drama Insanity.

Shouting Spiders
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "A Trip to Remember"
Place 12
Relationship Katie
Friends Spense, Tyler, Maya, Katie, Julie, Danny, Daisy, Damien, Cody
Enemies Halle, Craig, Harold, Noah
Fear Lots of things
Talent ribbon twirling

Since TDI...

DJ founded and lead a charity organization for poor people in Jamaica, DJ's home country. DJ also joined a club that performs ribbon-twirling acts for all to see. With DJ's ttalent, the club became very popular and DJ made a fortune, which he used to send his mother back to Jamaica. DJ now lives with his aunt and uncle, but talks to his mom every day on the phone, which she has thanks to DJ's charity.

Time on TDIn

In Who ARE These Freaks?, DJ was placed on the Shouting Spiders team and assigned a room with Noah. In One kick for the team, DJ was team captain and goalie, and his strategic decisions led to victory for his team. In Batons, Schemes, a Hot Tub, and Ice Cream, DJ participated in the relay race after encouragement from Katie. His team lost, and he voted for Harold after Katie convinced him to do so.

In Both reached for the flag, DJ played offense in a strategic plan with his pals Spense, Tyler, and Maya. His team won. In Let's see how much you suck!, DJ picked Amy to be in the show. His team lost, and due to DJ not seeing what Halle did, he was tricked into voting off Sammie. In Take me out to the Drama Game!, DJ played center field. Due to the tie, he had to vote someone out. He voted for Maya.

In A Dark Shade of Drama, DJ sat with Katie at the romantic dinner and hooked up with her after admiring her from afar for the longest time. Throughout this chapter, and in Hunt or be Hunted!, DJ's "Shouting Brothers" alliance with Spense and Tyler was made apparent.

In I Just Wanna Dance, DJ was eliminated from the challenge before the top 2. DJ's team lost, and he voted for Halle.

As of Comeback Kid, DJ was no longer a Shouting Spider. He was placed on the guys' team with Spense, Craig, Tyler, Damien, and Zeke. Through teamwork and cooperation, his team won. DJ partnered up with Tyler in A Trip to Remember. He and Tyler lost. DJ voted for Craig, but due to Craig playing an immunity idol, DJ was voted out.


DJ received seven votes throughout the show. (three in A Dark Shade of Drama, and four in A Trip to Remember)

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