Molting Eagles

Cynthia for Rhonda

Gender Female
Hair color White
Episode Eliminated "TBA"
Place TBA
Relationship Weston
Family Mother(?)
Friends Melissa, Diamonique, Weston, Aiden
Enemies Lita (one sided), Zipporah, Bethany, Xidorn (maybe), Easton, Frannie (on her side)
Fear None
Talent Chainsaw wielding, Knife wielding
Cynthia, labeled The Sociopath, is a contestant on Total Drama Genesis. She is a member of the The Molting Eagles.


We couldn't find a lot of information on Cynthia. She seems to have a normal life and has no criminal record. But she…just seems off. We tried to interview her over the phone but we only heard deep, unnerving breathing. When we interviewed her in person, she only stared at us and never blinked. Never.

She has a habit of rolling her eyes into the back of her head for long periods of time. She enjoys using chainsaws, knives and honestly just meaningless violence in general. The police admit to keeping a close eye on her, but she’s never been caught committing a crime. We couldn’t reach any family members for an interview. Cynthia’s classmates were willing to talk to us…until we mentioned her name.

Out of curiosity and fear, we accepted Cynthia. And as far as we know, she still hasn’t blinked since our last meeting.


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