Freezing Seals
Gender Female
Hair color Dark Brown
Episode Eliminated "Iceball"
Place 11th
Relationship Boyfriend at home
Family Mother, Father
Friends Allan
Enemies Dustine, Meagan
Fear Rainbows
Talent Talking strangely, being moody

Cristen, labeled The Moody Love Interest, is a contestant on Total Drama Antarctica. Cristen was always a moody girl, moping around about her sick love life. Two freakish-looking males are always vying for her attention, calling her into the forest for random piggyback rides and mindless chatter. When the two boys both wanted her, she was forced to mope around, but this time with something to do besides lie in bed and talk while staring at the floor and playing with her hair. When she finally chose the pale angry one, her love life turned into a catastrophe. Cristen often reports delusions that she faces unusual things with her boyfriend. In order to get her away from him and help her see reality, Cristen's parents signed her up for Total Drama Antarctica.

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