Craig, labeled The Evil Twin, is a player in Total Drama Insanity. He is one of the many players to be completely new to the TD series.

Murderous Mosquitoes
Gender Male
Hair color Dark Brown
Episode Eliminated "the wire beneath the wire"
Place 4th
Family Halle (sister)
Friends Halle, Danny, Amy, Julie, Spense, Tyler
Enemies Cody, Cathy, Zeke, Damien, Daisy, Beth, DJ, Matt, Courtney, Eva
Talent Insulting other people


Craig and Halle were once innocent twins, but not for long. They both were above-average in terms of smarts, and for some reason, got picked on to no end by their classmates in grade school. Adapting to this situation, Craig and Halle developed an even closer bond and blocked off everyone else in the world from their thoughts and trust. They slowly became mean, uncaring, cruel, and really smart over they years they shared, them against the entire world. Now, of course, those that once picked on them now fear them, due to Craig and Halle using rumors, gossip, and intimidation to escalate to the top of the social ladder. Anyone else would find themselves lonely and wanting a true friend, but neither Craig not Halle were ever alone. They had each other, and a deep bond and sibling love for each other kept their confidence up and keeps them from falling down the social ladder. Both joined TDIn to prove that two masterminds can beat any number of so-called protagonists.

Out of the two of them, Craig is crueler, meaner, and harsher than Halle, and unlike her, would hurt someone else's feelings in a heartbeat and do it again in another.

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