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Courtney was a character in Total Drama All Over Again. She was the drama queen of the show. Fight with everyone, she has fight with Heather, Scott, Duncan, Alejandro and Scarlett and was in a love problem with Scott and Duncan.

Total Drama All Over Again

Courtney's first appearance was in the first episode of season one. She arrived after Duncan and has fight with him. Later she had fight with Heather, Scott and Scarlett. Nobody liked Courtney really.


Courtney is angry on Scott and Duncan.

In All Over Again she arrived after Duncan. The first words she said: Chris McLean! I'll go right to call my lawyer. This can not be. And I see Duncan? Bye Chris. She wanted out of the show. But Chris was angry on her. She must stay here. Courtney called her lawyer and was angry on Duncan. But when the boat collided with Chef five fish on his hands, he sees Courtney with a cellphone and picks it off. She was angry about that. Later when Scott arrived, she was angry about it. She said More annoying people, hating this or whatever. But she made Heather angry about that. She said to Courtney; Girl, shut the f*ck up. I'm 5 minutes here and you act as a bad b*tch. Please go away. Duncan agreed with Heather. Courtney didn't care and walked away. She'll get her revenge. Courtney said later this in the confessional: They think, they will eliminating me. But that's not gonna happen. I'll get them all. Later when Beardo arrived, he called someone the bad girl. Courtney asked Beardo; Stop, stop. Who do you call the bad girl?.

He answered; Heather, i called you the witch from all. When he said this, everyone laughs about this. Courtney said; "Well, you have a big mouth for a fat dude." Courtney said and walks angry away. She was later placed in team Strange Owls.That evening in the cabin of the Strange Owls there was still a fight. At least the girls. Courtney and Heather hate each other. So, you think you can get all male contestants here? You are so dumb. Heather said to Courtney. You can get only one, when you lying about alliances. Courtney answered. Can we stop this fight please?


Heather is angry on Courtney

Scarlett asks. NO! Heather and Courtney said both. Courtney was angry on the girls. The next morning before the challenge, Courtney walked with Mike (Mal). She gets a picture of Scott and her. Photoshopping. Courtney was so angry she walked to Scott. Why do you have a picture from me with you? We broke up, don't want me back or something? Scott wanted to say something but Courtney said something back to him. No, not but. You need to stop, right now. I will call my lawyer. When the challenge started, she ignored Scott. She looked for wooden pieces but Duncan walked to Courtney. Courtney said to him: Leave me alone, sucker. Duncan said: Do you know you are the most annoying girl on this show? But you are the most beautiful to. Courtney said nothing about that. When the strange owls walked to each other and has a plan, Courtney doesnt want look for the pieces with Duncan. Heather said he's not in the team so it will not gonna happen. But her team loses. So she must go to the elimination ceremony. She was in the bottom two. But she wasn't voted out. Heather told her after the ceremony, she was lucky. And she can be the next that will be eliminated.


Mal tells Courtney the truth

In Gonna Get 'Em All she walks to the cabin, but the door is closed. She looks in the window and sees Heather.She knocks on the door, but nobody did something. "Let me in, now!" Courtney screams angry. Heather walks to the door and open it. "Oh, are you here Courtney. Well, i dont care. You can sleep in the forest or whatever" Heather said and close the door again. "HEATHER! YOU ****" Courtney screamed and walks angry away. While she walked back, she sees Mal. Courtney walks to Mal. "Ehh .. Mike?" Courtney asked to Mal. "Mike is dead" He said and turned to Courtney. - "So, you should do it with me." said he with a evil laugh on his face. "What the.. how .. wait. What did you say? You are Mike?" Courtney said confused. Her Confessional:' *CONF* "I'm confused. He is Mike anyway? Why does he say that he is dead? I thought Heather was a strange girl, but now .. " Courtney said confused. *END CONF*

The Challenge

"Well, Courtney. I'm Mal. Mike is gone forever. I will destroy everything on this island. And you are the person that will help me. And if you didnt do this, you will be eliminated. Are you in, my sweetheart?" Mal said friendly. "Who's your first victim?" Courtney said. "Heather." He answered. The next morning Courtney walks in the cabin of the boys. "Hi Mike, why are you here?" Courtney asked friendly. Mal asked later "So Max and Courtney. We are still in the alliance, right?". "Sure i'm in. We'll get them." Courtney answered. At the challenge there was a fight. This was a part of the scene. "Yeah, i know we need to run bighead." Alejandro said to Max. "You will die, you three will al die!" Max said to the team. "Excuse me? You need to sh-" Courtney said, but was caught by bigfoot. When she came back her team lost. At the elimination ceremony she was angry on Max. After Max's elimination she said "No he said the right name. You tried to lose the challenge for voting me off. But everyone knows your plan with Mal. It will not gonna happen."


Chris needs to say something

In The secret is Love Courtney looks to Dawn and then to Heather. "If we lose again, Alejandro needs to go. Right?" Courtney said. "Hell no. You are going if we lose, Courtney. You are nothing right now." Heather answered angry. "It will be two vs two then." Courtney said angry. "You said what? You are only in your one. I have three people." Heather answered. "I have Dawn! Right, Dawn?" Courtney asks. "Please chill. Relax your chakra's." Dawn said slowly. At the challenge Courtney doesnt do anything. "You can help us, maybe?" Heather said to Courtney. "No thanks i'm fine." Courtney answered. "Oh no. I saw a shadow. I SAW A SHADOW!" Courtney screamed and runs in the tent. He falls down. "Thanks now i need to do that again, b**ch." Alejandro said angry. At the end of the challenge Courtney said "Finally we won a time,". "Yeah, but no thanks to you loser." Heather said and walks away with Alejandro. Team Strange Owls are in the McLean hotel. On the table there are so many food. "Let's go eat!" Alejandro said happy. "Indeed!" Courtney said and wanted to sit, but Heather pushes her away. "My place. Bye loser." Heather said and smiled to Courtney. Courtney walks to the other side of the table and sits by Dawn.

In A horrible thing It rains. Bunnies run to their burrow. Other animals also go away. It's a storm. Courtney looks throught the window. She watch the animals that runs. Then she sees Mal walking in the rain with a paper. Courtney looks confused. Mal sees Courtney then and he smiles. In a evil way. Courtney looks to him and turns and sees Alejandro watch Mal to."What is he doing .. Walking in the rain how stupid." Alejandro said to Courtney. Courtney nodds her head and looks outside trought the window. But Mal is gone. Her confessional: ' *CONF* "Mal is on my side. But i dont know it anymore, can i trust him or not? Last night Zoey was voted out and that was his girlfriend. What if he lies to me and i'm the next? I'm on the other team, i know .. but yeah. I'm kind of scared. Is that .. weird?" Courtney said in the confessional. *END CONF* Dawn walks to Alejandro and Courtney and looks to outside. Then she looks to Courtney and Alejandro and smiles. She walks away and sits by Heather. Alejandro and Courtney walks to Dawn and Heather and sits. Courtney looks scared to Heather. "Hi Alejandro, baby, Dawn. And why is she here?" Heather said and looks to Courtney. "Well, Heather. Or we gonna have a fight all of the time, or we will be teammates. If we work together we can win again. So, are we gonna talk about how we will work together or are we gonna talk about a fight?" Courtney said to Heather. "Your right. But if you said one thing that i don't like, i will vote for you next elimination. But i'm in." Heather said and gives a high five to Courtney. At the challenge she wasnt on the chair.


The Strange Owls has a fight, again.

In Canary Yacht Courtney doesnt eat anything at the mansion. At the mansion, Courtney and Alejandro talks about Heather. Courtney doesnt like Heather and wanna vote her out, but Alejandro is angry about that. Dawn sits on a chair and watches some tv. A progam for relaxing your chakra is on. "Are you guys in?" Dawn asked to Courtney and Alejandro. "No. Never." Alejandro and Courtney said. - "And shut up about Heather. I know your plan. You want me is YOUR boyfriend!" Alejandro screamed to Courtney. Courtney looks confused and then angry. - "And do you know i dont like you? You need to go here." Alejandro said then. When he said that, Heather walks in. Alejandro and Courtney looks to Heather. "What's goin' on?" Heather asked to Courtney and Alejandro, which has a fight. "She wanna vote you off. Cause she likes me." Alejandro said to Heather. Heather looks really mad and walks to Courtney. "Let me tell it friendly. Back off, or this is your last day." Heather said to Courtney. "STOP IT! YOU NEED TO GO *****" Courtney screamed to Heather. The girls and Alejandro screamed to each other. Dawn is sick about it. At the Strange Owls, Alejandro, Heather and Courtney has still a fight. "You are the biggest liar of the Total Drama cast." Courtney said to Heather. "You are the stupid fake boyfriend of the Total Drama cast." Heather said to Alejandro. "You are the arrogant dirty stupid girl of the Total Drama cast" Alejandro said to Courtney.Dawn grabs a canary and put it on the bag. - "I have get one" Dawn said, but nobody listen to her. The Mad Lions has 6 canary's the Strange Owls 1. And they have only 10 minutes. Dawn walks in the quicksand. - "Help me!" Dawn said. The Strange Owls are still fighting. Mal looks to Dawn and smiles as a evil. When Dawn screamed and almost below it is, Courtney helps her. - "I'M DONE HERE." Dawn screamed angry and the times stops. At the elimination ceremony she was safe cause everyone has a vote.

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