Courtney a one-shot poster

I was ready to get myself elected as president. I tried hard and hard to get people to vote for me, but they couldn't. How could I elect myself? I tried to make a speech, but no one listened. They ignored me and voted for a girl named Valerie in my classroom, who was a bigger brainiac than me. I confronted Valerie after school, but her chattiness with her annoying friends just annoyed me.

Valerie went up to me this morning and told me that I cannot be the only one to be school president right now. So I realized that I wasn't good enough. So I asked my secretary, Tom, to try and work hard to get me the job in class that I wanted.

I thought if I won class president election, I thought I would be the youngest person in the school ever, but I realized there was people 14 and 15 years old also in the school, and... I'm 16, so, I starting losing hope.

So I decided to audition for a show called "Total Drama Island". I thought, this show would be good for me, and I found out I could win money. So my attorney organized my audition sheet, and my secretary was so close to finish recording my audition, but he had to go to gym class. The next morning, I was surprised with a blast on my laptop: I made it to the show, and I realized it was set in a crusty old summer camp with disgusting food and wildlife. But it was a good show for me, except I didn't win the money, but I was able to win a million big ones for the next two seasons, but I lost both of them. And now, I just found out I'm back for the fifth season, I'm no longer in high school and I never got the job of class president. Now I have high hopes for a million big ones soon...

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