Nifty Nostalgia
Team Heather
Nifty Nostalgia (II)
Fearless Flashbacks
Gender Male
Hair color Blond
Episode Eliminated "Newfoundland Shore"
Place 7th
Relationship Gladys
Family Brother
Friends Everyone
Fear Loud noises
Talent Writing

Connor, labeled The Aspiring Author, is a contestant on Total Drama Flashback.


Connor never really pays attention. He just daydreams things that seem cool. Or things that would make him happy. He's afraid of loud noises, because they make him forget everything in his daydream, plus make them come to a stop. As a child, he learned the alphabet and learned how to read two years late - however, he's good at writing stories because his thoughts usually give him good ideas. In sixth grade, he had a daydream about being on Total Drama. So, when he got old enough, he auditioned.

Connor joined TDF so that he could get more story material, and live the experience he's wanted to since middle school.


  • Connor is an edit of DJ.
  • Connor is considered (by the author) one of the author's only normal characters.
  • Connor was the first to win an individual immunity challenge. He then won all four immunity challenges up until his elimination.

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