(the camera zooms in on Chris McLean standing on a runway in an airport)

Chris: Welcome Total Drama Fans Chris McLean here to drop a continuation to season 3 of Total Drama called-Total Drama World Tour Redux!. Join me as 20 new teens journey forth to see excited destinations and to compete for one million dollars! now lets meet our players first up its...(looks at clipboard)...Jessica!

Jessica (steps off of the bus, excited): oh my gosh! this is so cool!

Chris: next we have Derrick!

Derrick: hey what's up

(Jessica giggles)

Chris: next up are...Ashley and Anthony!

Ashley: hey

Anthony: so where is the plane?

Chris (to Anthony): don't worry it'll be here (to audience) but next up are...Michael, Giulianna, Westley and Lyejhiah

Anthony (to Lyejhiah): what kind of name is Lyejhiah?

Lyejhiah (to Anthony): its noneyaese from the land of Noneyabusiness

(Anthony glares back at Lyejhiah)

Michael (to Westley): ooh tension

Westley: seriously

Giulianna (to Chris): so when do we eat?

Chris (to Giulianna): soon don't worry (to audience) our final players are Brittanaey, Rhys, Rosealynne, Blaine, Nathaneal, Rebecca, Emma, Travis, Erick, Anastacia, Marijayne and Enrique!

Rosealynne: wow this is so awesome

Blaine: I wonder if we're gonna have to sing this season

Nathaneal: I hope not I hate singing

Rebecca: i hate singing too

Emma: or maybe its a history learning season

Travis: great more unwanted school stuff

Erick: don't you mean?

Travis (to Erick): shut-up

Anastacia: I wonder what our first challenge is gonna be

Marijayne: i wonder that too

Enrique: hopefully something easy

(just than the plane rolls up slowly)

Jessica (looking at the plane): wow that's one big plane

Chris (to Jessica): its called a jumbo jet or the Total Drama Jumbo Jet

(Travis rolls his eyes)

Chef (to the contestants): now boarding

Chris: you guys heard him now lets get this season started

(Chris watches as the contestants run on board the plane)

(while inside Chris explains the interior of the plane)

Chris: oh and one more thing if you hear this chime (music sound effect: ding! ding!) than its time to sing. any objections?


Jessica: we have to sing!


Derrick: so what's next the ex contestants will appear out of nowhere and beat us up?



(music sound effect: ding! ding!)

Chris: so let's hear it

(song starts)

Jessica: Up in the sky we sing

Travis: watch as we take wing!

Rebecca: why in the world do we have to sing?

Rosealynne: cause we all heard that musical ding!

(in another part of the plane)

Derrick/Emma: Up in the sky! Up in the sky!

Nathaneal: watch us crash and die!

(in the cockpit)

Rhys: why can't Chris just be normal!

Chef: or to give you guys a rehersal!

(back to the sitting area)

Westley/Lyejhiah/Michael/Anastacia: come fly with us! come sing with us!

Marijayne/Anthony (speaking): NO!

Chris (to Marijayne & Anthony/speaking): well like I said before in order to escape instant elimination!

Brittanaey: all contestants must sing in each show!

Ashley/Giulianna/Blaine/Erick/Enrique: Up in the air we fly off to the most excited places around the world!

Chris (to Marijayne & Anthony/speaking): so guys what's in gonna be?

Marijayne (narrowing her eyes at Chris): well I'm not going home so early

Marijayne: come fly with us...come fly with us!...COME AND FLY WITH US!?

Rosealynne (to Anthony/speaking): come on Anthony....please!

Anthony: this sucks!!!!!

Everyone (minus Anthony): yeah!

(song ends)

Chef: enough singing! we're about to land in Egypt (to himself) singing...still a bad idea


Marijayne: I am not gonna go home so soon


Anthony: singing sucks



(in Egypt Pharoh Chris appears)

Chris (to contestants): if you remember the previous World Tour season where the contestants had to go either over or under the pyramid well this time around I'll decide who goes over or under

(the contestants groan)

Chris: so Jessica, Derrick, Ashley, Anthony, Michael, Giulianna, Westley, Lyejhiah, Brittanaey and Rhys you guys are going over

(Jessica, Derrick, Ashley, Anthony, Michael, Giulianna, Westley, Lyejhiah, Brittanaey and Rhys start their incline)

Chris: so for the rest of ya'll you guys are gonna go under so start now!

(Rosealynne, Blaine, Nathaneal, Rebecca, Emma, Travis, Erick, Anastacia, Marijayne and Enrique start thier decent)

(under the pyramid)

Blaine: our finely groomed host forgot to mention the various paths

Rosealynne: okay well Nathaneal and Marijayne your with me so lets go

(the others watch as Rosealynne, Nathaneal and Marijayne take the path marked with a bow and arrow)

Emma: well than I'm going left who's in?

Enrique: I am

Travis: i guess

(Rebecca, Erick, Anastacia and Blaine watch as Emma, Travis and Enrique take the path marked with a mummy)

Rebecca: so lets take the middle one

Erick: um....Rebecca that path is marked scarabs

Anastacia: do you wanna go home Erick?

Erick: no but-

Anastacia: so hush

Blaine: well than lets go

(Rebecca, Erick, Anastacia and Blaine take the scarab path in the center)

(now over the pyramid)

(Derrick, Giulianna, Michael and Rhys make the decent down to the bottom and cross the finish line first)

Giulianna: yay we made it!

Chris: cool now you 4 go stand behind the number 1 cause this time there are 4 teams!....of 5 and you guys also get...

(Derrick, Giulianna, Michael and Rhys watch as Emma, Rosealynne, Nathaneal and Marijayne run out of the pyramid)

Chris: Emma go join team one, Rosealynne, Nathaneal and Marijayne you guys start team two and you guys get...

(Lyejhiah and Brittanaey jump down the last few feet of the pyramid)

Chris:...Lyejhiah and Brittanaey go join team 2

(just than Westley, Jessica, Anthony, Travis and Enrique cross the finish line)

Chris: congradulations team 3

Westley, Jessica, Anthony, Travis and Enrique: what?

(before Chris could say anything the musical chime dings)

(Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia who are under the pyramid heard the chime and Ashley who crossed before the chime went off staring team 4 doesn't have to sing the reprise)

Chris (inside the pryamid): Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia it's time for a musical reprise

Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia: are you serious?

Chris: if you don't sing your out! see ya outside

(song starts)

Blaine: Win!

Blaine and Rebecca: Win!

Blaine, Rebecca and Erick: Win!

Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia: Win!

Blaine: never back down

Rebecca: there's too much at steak

Erick: we have to fight

Anastacia: and to sleep in first class tonight!

Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia: but if we don't get out of here

than we won't be up in the air

and kiss our chances goodbye!!!!

Blaine: you know what I noticed

Anstacia: I don't like this place

Rebecca: its so dark in here

Erick: but at least its cool though

Blaine: its so hot out there...oh!

Anastacia: if we don't sing this song we're out of this show!

Blaine: there is no reason for us to sing

Rebecca: but we just had to hear that stupid ding!

Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia: but if we don't get out of here

than we won't be up in the air

and kiss our chances goodbye!!!!

Rebecca: this is really messed up

Erick: Chris shouldn't have fessed up

Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia: but if we don't get out of here

than we won't be up in the air

and kiss our chances goodbye!!!!

(Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia cross the finish line)

Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia: we're still in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(song ends)

(Blaine, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia take their places behind the number 4 spot)

Chirs: now pick your teams names

Giulianna, Michael, Rhys, Emma and Derrick: Team Hatchet!

(than a brown logo with Chef Hatchet's face pops up)

Rosealynne, Nathaneal, Lyejhiah, Marijayne and Brittaneay: Team Venus!

(than a pink logo with the female gender symbol pops up)

Westley, Jessica, Anthony, Travis and Enrique: Team Mars!

(than a silver logo with the male gender symbol pops up)

Blaine, Ashley, Rebecca, Erick and Anastacia: Team Legacy!

(than an orange logo with an Emmy statuette pops up)

(Chris than walks up)

Chris: and here are your prizes for Team Legacy you guys get a camel

(the camel farts and Team Legacy looks disgusted)

Chris: Team Mars you guys get a goat!

(the goat rams into Travis than jumps into Jessica's arms)

Chris: Team Venus you guys get a seagull

(Team Venus glares at Chris)

Chris: finally Team Hatchet you guys get this (throws then a stick)

Emma (annoyed): Legacy gets a camel, Mars gets a goat, Venus get a seagull and we get a stick?

Chris: all will be explained Emma (to the camera) joins us next time on Total Drama World Tour... (singing)...REDUX!


Derrick: we may have gotten first but this guy is going to the top with of without his team mates!




(RECAP-Chris:lasttime on Total Drama World Tour Redux, 20 new contestants braved the heat of Egypt during there first challenge and after the first challenge 4 new teams are formed find out who'll be eliminated tonight on Total Drama World Tour Redux!)

(the camera focuses on the 4 teams)

Rosealynne: I wonder what the next challenge is?

Jessica: I know huh?

Rosealynne: I'm sorry but I'm talking to my team mates

Lyejhiah (defending Jessica): you don't have to be mean to her

Rosealynne: whatever

Lyejhiah: you know what!-

(Chris rings a gong)

Chris: its song time!

Lyejhiah: but we didn't-

(Lyejhiah gets cut off by the musical gong)

Chris: and make this song count

(song starts)

Team Venus: oooooooooooooooooh

Derrick: there's a time for livin' and a time for dyin'

Giulianna: but there's always a time for lovin'

Everyone: just spread your wings

and fly away to where your special someone is

there's always a time for lovin'

just let the music guide you

there's always a time for lovin'

and a time for livin'

with the heart that God gave you

Derrick: its something that you can't buy in stores

Giulianna: its something that can be swept up from the floors

Team Venus: ooooooooooooooooooooh

Everyone: just spread your wings

and fly away to where your special someone is

there's always a time for lovin'

just let the music guide you

there's always a time for lovin'

and a time for livin'

with the heart that God gave you

Derrick: the music's in me

Giulianna: and its in me too

Derrick & Giulianna: it makes me crazy

to fall in love with you baby

you make me wild

even when you act like a child!

Team Venus: oooooooooooooooooooooh

Derrick & Giulianna: when its your love

you make me rise above

the rest of the people

who try to tear us apart

Everyone: just spread your wings

and fly away to where your special someone is

there's always a time for lovin'

just let the music guide you

there's always a time for lovin'

and a time for livin'

with the heart that God gave you

(Derrick and Giulianna kiss)

(song ends)

Chris: nice, now onto the challenge

(Derrick and Giulianna are the last leave with their team)

Rhys (to Derrick and Giulianna): guys (snapping) Derrick, Giulianna we're gonna lose!

(Derrick and Giulianna focus on the challenge)

Derrick: you know what he's right

Giulianna: yeah he is


Giulianna: did you guys just see that?


Derrick: hey when you got you got it if you don't than your just an Alejandro



(halfway though the challenge)

Westley: great we're lost

Travis: yeah no kidding

Jessica: hey guys I can see the Nile!

Enrique: well that was easy

Anthony (to Jessica): how did you know that?

Jessica: our goat just ran that way and I can smell water

Westley: well come on lets go

(now onto Team Venus)

Marijayne: hey guys I can't see the other teams

Brittanaey: either we're first or-

Lyejhiah:-or dead last...I blame you for this (points to Roesalynne)

Nathaneal: well at least we ahve a camel

Rosealynne: that's true (to Lyejhiah) its not my fault

(now to Team Hatchet)

Giulianna: uh...Derrick

Derrick: if its about the kiss don't worry about it

Giulianna: we were just caught up in the moment

Derrick: yeah we were

(Giulianna and Derrick turn away from each other blushing)

(and finally onto Team Legacy)

Anastacia: hey there's the finish line

Rebecca: yeah on the other side of the river

(two crocodiles jump through the air snapping their jaws)

Erick: is it too late to quit?

Chris: its not

(Team Legacy are startled to see Chris standing behind them)

Blaine: are you trying to give us a heart attack?

Chris: now why would I do that

Ashley: cause your crazy?

(the other 2 teams show up)

Chris: the second half of the challenge is to make a boat and use that boat to cross the Nile and reach the finish line and the first team to cross gets to sleep in first class and the losing team sleeps with the cargo! so get started

(Team Mars follows their goat and meets up with the other teams)

Jessica: the second part is to make a boat?

Enrique: okay lets get to work

Westley, Anthony and Travis: right!

(after the 4 teams were in the water Team Venus pulls ahead and wins the challenge)

Team Venus: we rock!

Chris: Team Venus you guys get to enjoy first class

(Teams Legacy and Hatchet crossed second and third respectivly)

Chris: Team Legacy and Team Hatchet you guys are safe but are staying in economy class

(a very tired and irritated Team Mars crosses last)

Chris: Team Mars since you guys cross last you guys are staying in the cargo hold this week oh and also you 5 are going to The Barf Bag Ceremony tonight

(Team Mars groans)

(at elimination)

Chris: so we have 5 passports set up in the bathroom confessional set up for ya'll so one at a time you guys get to vote


Westley votes off Travis

Jessica votes off Anthony

Anthony votes off Enrique

Travis votes off Enrique

Enrique votes off Westley

Team Mars' Goat votes off Enrique


(back to elimination)

Chris: so if you don't recieve a barf bag full of airline issue peanuts than you take the drop of shame

(than Chris kicks open the door)

Chris: but first a musical repirse



(Anthony straps on a parachute and jumps out)

Chris (watching Anthony deploy the parachute): well that was unexpected (to the rest of Team Mars) but you guys still have to sing

(song starts)

Jessica: because of bad sportsmanship

Enrique: and that stupid goat that made me trip

Westley, Jessica, Travis and Enrique: that's only a few reasons why we lost!

Westley: Anthony and his bad attitude

Travis: and our chances have flattitude

Westley, Jessica, Travis and Enrique: that's only a few reasons why we lost!

Westley: I wish

Westley and Jessica: that we

Westley, Jessica and Travis: had someone

Westley, Jessica, Travis and Enrique: else on our team besides Anthony!

cuase he's the reason why we lost!

(song ends)

Chris: nice now go and join the others

(away from elimination)

(first class cabin)

Rosealynne: that's why I should be the leader!

Lyejhiah: no we don't need a leader cause we're winning!

Rosealynne: we only won one challenge!

Lyejhiah: shut-up! your just lucky that we didn't switch with someone else!

(back to Team Mars)

Westley: I can't believe we lost

Jessica: wow I wonder who was going to be eliminated

Travis: probably me

Enrique: or me I mean I did make the goat run off

Chris: actually Enrique was correct he was gonna out but thanks to Anthony Quitsalot Enrique gets to stay another day

(Jessica chuckles)

Chris: what's so funny

Jessica: oh the fact that it rhymed

Chris: o-kay (to the camera) will Team Mars ever get out the loser area? will Derrick and Giulianna be more than just competition? find out next time on Total Drama World Tour....(singing with Team Mars)...REDUX!

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