Cody is a player on Total Drama Insanity.

Cody (TDIn)
Murderous Mosquitoes
Gender Male
Hair color Brown
Episode Eliminated "I Just Wanna Dance"
Place 13
Relationship Cathy
Friends Cathy, Tyler, DJ, Beth, Katie
Enemies Craig
Fear Diffusing a time-bomb under pressure

Since TDI...

Cody and Gwen's bond grew almost into a brother-sister-like relationship, with Gwen viewing Cody as the brother she never had. Cody's crush on Gwen faded into such a feeling as well. Gwen gave Cody lots of advice with girls, namely to stop acting "cool" and to just be himself. Cody took this advice to heart, and became cool in his own right.

Time on TDIn

Cody was thrilled to return as he would be able to catch up with all his friends he made last season. He was later placed on the Murderous Misquitos team. When the teams had to compete in the Relay Race challenge he was encouraged to run it by Beth and Courtney which he agreed to saying he had got alot of practice last season he completed his part well and his team won. In the next episode when Craig was insulting Cathy Cody stood up for her. When Craig further insulted her cody became furious and even threw him out of the hotub he later said in the confessonal that hed never done that when Gwen was hurt but Cathy was different. At the talent show Craig insulted Cathy again and she ran off crying. Cody and comferted her saying that he had fallen in love with her and she had with him they then walked off hand and hand. however there happiness wouldent last long as a few chapters later Cathey was voted out. This devestated him and through the entire next episode all he did was mope. That night when Katie was eliminated she had the option to pick another person to leave. She chose Cody so he could be reunited with Cathy again. Cody happily handed Chris his room key and went off to the Hut.


Cody received no votes throughout the show.

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