Cody's massive party is a non-competition story written by MamaLuigi22. It takes place sometime in between Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action, which, in the MamaLuigi22 Continuity takes place more then 2 days away from each other.

The Story:

So Cody was at home after the events of Total Drama Island. He was sort of bored, and wanted to meet with all the people from Total Drama Island. So he waited until one weekend when his family was away for the weekend, then he called up everyone, even Heather.

They arrived at 6:00 P.M. Everything was going according to plan, Cody had everything, music, games, and food. Not much healthy stuff, just sweets, soda, and some other snacks like chips.

After Geoff convinced Cody, they invited friends from Cody's high school.

However, a girl known as Sierra had secretly followed Gwen and Trent to Cody's house. She joined in on the crowd.

She sees Cody, there for the first time. She doesn't want him to be creeped out by her, because he could easily throw her out of the party. Sierra wanted a kiss, but she knows Cody likes Gwen. Sierra looks at the sugary foods and smiles. As the ultimate Total Drama fan, she knows Cody has a massive sweet tooth. Maybe she can get him to kiss her once he's all hyped up from the sugar. She then gets the courage to walk up to him.

"Hey, are you Cody?" she asks. "Yes, why?" Cody asks. Sierra is holding back the urges to collect his hairs and things like such for her Cody scrapbook.

"You wanna maybe eat some snacks with me?" Sierra asks. "Um...yeah sure!" Cody says.

Cody is stoked, he's never been asked out before, sugary foods and a girl, what's not to love?

Cody soon pigs out. The cupcakes, the M&Ms, the candy, it was all so good, he just had to try it all.

Eventually, Cody is all hyped up. Cody doesn't notice the pink frosting covering the area around his lips, nor could he care anyways.

The party gets wild, Cody gets into a soda chugging competition, Heather and Gwen have a rap battle, Duncan even smuggles in some beer.

8 hours pass, and everyone is gone. Cody is passed out on the couch, with the frosting still covering his mouth. Sierra takes her opportunity, and goes for the lips. She leans in for a kiss, but Cody's breath is terrible. Sierra gags, and starts to try again. However, Cody starts to wake up, so Sierra bolts.

Once Cody wakes up, he looks around and sees that the house is a mess. "I have a lot of cleaning to do" Cody says.

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