Cleo (SS)
Soaring Seagulls


Gender Female
Hair color Red
Relationship None
Family Father, Mother, Younger Brothers
Fear Undergoing Surgery
Talent Roleplaying, Playing Mario Kart

Cleo, labeled as The Comic Book Store Clerk, is a character on S.S. Total Drama.


Cleo has a job many geeks would like to have, she works in one of those stores which sells mangas, trading card games and other Japanese pop-culture items. Cleo is a big fan of many of these stuff, and enjoys each minute at her job. Every Saturday, many pre-teens, and even some adults, come to said store for TCG tournaments. Cleo loves to interact with these people, she treats the pre-teens like little brothers, and the adults as her Role Playing buddies. Some of those pre-teens have crushes on Cleo, but she was never creeped out by any of them as she probably never knew about it.

Cleo joined Total Drama because she is secretly a fan of the series... Well, not so secretly anymore.


  • Cleo is based on a real person.
  • Cleo was a contestant in one of the author's earlier stories that were never written, along with Foreman.

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